We live in a working world where Millennials now make up the majority of the workforce, and with that come certain trends. You see, two of the main characteristics of Millennial workers are the desire to be their own boss and the desire to explore the world.

The Pitfalls Of Event Planning

Image by hudsoncrafted from Pixabay

The concept of spending their whole life in an office, working their way up the corporate ladder until they retire and then die just isn’t attractive.

As such, many Millennials have gone out on their own.

They have become self-employed or started their own business with friends, and one of the most popular career paths in that respect has been event planning. It ticks so many boxes for them.

The chance to work outside, see the world, be their own boss, have fun, work with like-minded people and work alongside charities thus giving their lives some added worth.

But event planning isn’t easy. In fact, it is quite a tricky career to navigate, which is why we have come up with a list of pitfalls you should be wary of if you are in, or looking to get into, event planning.

Always Know What The Client Wants

When you have a meeting with the client, it is a great idea to go into that meeting with a few of your colleagues or business partners.

If you go in alone, you are risking the chances of misunderstanding the client’s needs.

You may miss something crucial while you’re taking notes.

You may think they said Gatsby-style party when they really wanted a conservative business function.

So make sure you have all the details possible if you want to make the event a success.

Offer Different Levels Of Access

One of the easiest ways to increase your revenue, the experience, the exposure, the enjoyment and the overall occasion is to have different levels of access.

If it is a music festival you are organizing have a backstage pass, in which you can see lanyardsfactory.com.au/printed-vip-passes for info on how to make the passes act as marketing tools.

If you are organizing a charity auction then allow certain people access to meet the celebrity ambassadors of the charity in question.

It doesn’t have to be elitist, it could be a promotional competition or a raffle prize, but it will help.

Great Communication Amongst Your Team

If you think organizing and running an event – even a small one – is easy then stop right now and reconsider your career path.

Your team needs to be great at communicating and great at working together.

As expert on the subject state, everyone needs to know what their role is, how to do it well, and how to drop into another role should they need to.

Simple rule, but challenging to execute.

Don’t Go Uninsured, Trust Us

Yes, getting your estimates is absolutely crucial to your success and your client’s satisfaction, but getting yourself properly insured is even more important.

At an event, you are responsible for everyone’s safety and security, health, and wellbeing.

This could mean having the right signage, having an ambulance on site, having security to check for illegal drugs, limiting what can be brought onto your site or anything else.

It also means liability insurance and protecting yourself should you become involved in a lawsuit.

To put a figure on it, most event planners carry about $1 million of liability insurance, just in case.