Starting a new business is an adventure that most don’t have the guts to do. It takes a lot of grit to push a business idea through to completion and then onto profit and you need to have a strong stomach to cope with the pitfalls of dealing in business.

The most feedback that businesses receive tends to be negative, and while your business can take all advice on board to improve you need to be able to know your strengths so that you can show them off.

Finding the strengths that are distinctive to you should be easy. You’re running a business, so you should know what you do best and what you aren’t so strong at doing. If you pair your strengths with a need that needs to be met, you can have a very profitable business.

Sometimes playing to your strengths means looking at what you are the weakest at and bringing in an expert.

Companies often bring in outside event creative agencies and marketing companies to concentrate on those areas, rather than overstretch themselves with something that they are not aware of how to do.

Outsourcing your weak spots is a smart plan as a company owner, as you can then spend your time concentrating on what you know how to do well.

You first have to look at what you do well and go from there. Are you a good speaker? Do you have a knack for numbers? How about networking abilities? Confident, charismatic and charming business owners are often able to identify at least one skill that others do not possess in the same way.

You can then take this skill and match it to a need that is as yet, unmet.

Working on your weaknesses is one thing, but working toward things you are strongest at is a great way to ensure that you drive your business in the way you want it to go.

A thriving business requires someone who knows how to lead it and knowing what you are good at doing is how to get you there. Bringing in outside resources is a way to ensure that while you may not be able to overcome your weaknesses, you could maximise what you’re strongest at.

Don’t be mistaken, though, as your strengths are things that strengthen you rather than things you are good at. You can’t be fantastic at everything, and that’s why outsourcing to other experts makes sense in business.

The time that you invest in the activities that you are strongest at, puts you in a position whereby you can focus fully and confidently on what you are doing.

Spending your time on the things you aren’t so good at is a great way to waste it. Being the master of your strengths is the best way to narrow down your own role in your company. Once you have that right, you can come together with outsourced experts and make your business count.