As a business owner, there are going to be certain things you aren’t good at, but those things are going to improve your business and make it more streamlined and professional.

Protect Your Non-Proficiency For Business Success

Just because you’re no good at something doesn’t mean you should shy away from it. Sure, it may be tough because you don’t know much about it and indeed you may not even have time to learn it, but there are external companies that can help you still make use out of these areas even when you’re non-proficient.

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A good business owner makes use out of everything that can improve his business, so read on for top help.


Not everyone can be great with computers, some people can do the bare minimum whilst others can’t go near one without having a heart attack.

However, their use in business is undeniable and not using them in your business is a recipe for disaster as you’re losing thousands of potential online customers.

You can get someone to help train you in basic computer usage, and then hire someone to build and manage your business website.

If you’re worried about your work based systems because you don’t know too much then you can hire a company to manage your computers whom you can turn to if there are any problems. SKYE Technologies are a good example. They key is to practice. If you practice then you’ll be able to learn and your business will benefit from it majorly.


Sometimes business owners who work on their own suddenly find themselves needing to recruit a workforce. When you have a workforce then you need good management skills.

These skills will keep them working to a required standard and set them in toe when they aren’t doing what needs to be done or showing disciplinary issues. You could consider hiring a manager.

You’ll be paying them more than the standard employee, sure, but you can really benefit from someone who can make your workforce toe the line, the additional benefit comes when the manager themselves can do work just like the employees. You can also go to an external management company, who can help you out too.

Protect Your Non-Proficiency For Business Success - Management

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HR Solutions

Another troublesome area is in HR. Payroll can be an absolute nightmare if you don’t know what you’re doing.

You need to ensure you pay each member of staff on time, every month, promptly. If you don’t then you’ll see the seeds of dissent start to grow and widen. Afterall, why should they work their hardest for you if you can’t pay them properly?

When you are running a business it becomes really hard to manage all of this at the same time. If you pay by the hour this becomes even more difficult because you’ll be needing to keep time, timekeeping systems need to be accurate and work properly to ensure people get the right money. You can outsource your HR needs to an external company who can do all of this for you.

Protect Your Non-Proficiency For Business Success - human Resources

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