Ever heard the saying “Fake it till you Make it”?  It is a much bandied about expression but the reality is, perception is a highly influential motivator.  If we perceive someone or something as successful we are drawn to it, it is human nature thus it can be convincingly argued that success breeds success.  Having worked as a personal assistant for many years, I can attest to the impression that creating a winning Brand image can make.

Pseudo Success - How to Project a Winning Business Image

Image Source: Pixabay

That is all very well but projecting a confident air of success whilst your business is struggling can be difficult.  A personal friend of mine who runs a well-known business Brand in Australian once commented that “when business is bad, that’s when I start spending money on advertising”.

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Conversely, human nature often dictates that many of us in the same situation would cut costs starting with advertising.  However, my friend’s success attests to the fact that fuelling your Brand by investing in crucial areas can work wonders.

Allow me to show you a few other strategies which can be employed to give your business Brand a cache associated with all successful enterprises.

Global Presence

Nothing spells success more than prestigious, national and international addresses across the globe.  A business boasting office in Sydney, London, New York or Tokyo can truly claim to be a competitor in the global marketplace.  Of course, the main issue with this is affordability and that is where the beauty of the virtual office comes into play.

A virtual office can give you the opportunity to choose from 28 premium serviced office locations across Australia as well as providing access to the prestige of worldwide luxury offices and addresses without the crippling costs of setting up and staffing abroad.

They can provide dedicated receptionists and high-tech conferencing facilities and no-one would ever be the wiser that these were not your own.

Stunning Surroundings

Nothing spells success to a visiting client or guest like a superbly dressed and fitted office.

Stunning reception areas boasting quality leather couches, contemporary lighting, and state-of-the-art technology are physical manifestations of your business’s prosperity and achievement.

This image needn’t cost the earth and I have transformed dismal office spaces into truly impressive masterpieces by sourcing furnishings through online auctions and office furniture traders.

My motto has always been that it is better to buy enduring, quality secondhand over cheap, poorly made new furnishings.

Winning Attitude

Projecting a winning attitude starts with you and will be reflected in the demeanor of your staff.

Create an environment conducive to productivity, solidarity, and camaraderie where everyone is working for the greater good.

Shaping a staff’s attitude involves inclusive behavior and sharing a joint vision as to where your business is heading.  It involves creating a culture of customer engagement which translates directly to sales.

Research indicates there is a direct correlation between positive employee/customer relationships which can boost your bottom line by well over 200%.

Brand Alignment

Another viable way to build your Brand is to align it with other successful names such as sponsorship deals with sporting teams or celebrity endorsements.

When one thinks of the most successful and recognizable sports shoes, for example, they often evoke immediate images of well-known athletic stars.

On a smaller scale, this can start with local sporting teams who can literally carry your Brand on their backs.

No business starts out to fail but unfortunately many do fall by the wayside.

Failing to project yourself as a dynamic, winning team can mean you are starting off on the back foot and be doing yourself and your business an injustice.

Stepping out boldly and confidently, with a can-do attitude can influence perceptions, raise your profile and put yours on the path to success.  So what are you waiting for?