Do you want to increase productivity? Qbserve (not an affiliate link) is an excellent application to increase your productivity on your Mac. It provides many advanced features for increasing your productivity at a very small price and, if you are a Mac user, it can really lift off your productive habits!

Qbserve - Automatic Time Tracker For Mac

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Let’s face it! We all have our moments!

Moments of hard work and moments of active procrastination! Sometimes, though, we confused the difference. And we left our core work left behind.

We are not all some disciplined as we would like to be (certainly I am not, that’s why I need a little bit of help!) And exactly at this context enters the technology to provide solutions for increased productivity!

One such solution for Mac users is (drums rolling): Qbserve.

Why I Need A Time-Tracking Application Like Qbserve

I am a person having many tasks to handle and wanting to become a productive one! No, I am not an overachiever, yet, but I’d like to be.

My problem is that I have far too many interests along with many impact areas (or hot spots using the terminology of J.D. Meier) need to be attended to (as many people have, actually) and many outcomes should be reached (sometimes in a limited time period).

I am also a person coaching people on how to become more effective in what they do and propagate the use of good habits, simple work strategies, clear goals, and suitable technological aids.

Especially so for knowledge-intensive workers as entrepreneurs, edupreneursbusiness owners, freelancers, researchers, academic workers, students, trainers, consultants, coaches, etc.

The bottom line, of course, is to become effective without being busy all the time and be happy about it!

This is what I want to achieve on a personal level. To be effective on what I HAVE TO DO, without leaving out (or missing) what it is IMPORTANT FOR ME!

As I believe, you would like to achieve as well!

Some Background Information About Qbserve

Due to my work (I am a business consultant and strategist) I research many aspects of productivity, not for my benefit but for the benefit of the people I serve as well.

I try to provide current strategies and approaches can make a real difference in their daily routine and help them to perform better in all the areas of their life and work!

Since one of the main issues of productivity is what scientists call the theory of constraints (i.e. how to operate effectively having many challenges – most of the times contradicting ones – to serve and limited resources) the key to productivity is how to focus on what’s important now!

The key to a productive day is good habits and supportive technology to help you eliminate the distractions and focus on what has the top priority for you!

And it an area which is especially good the Qbserve.

I was introduced in Qbserve by one of its developers, Ivan Mir. Ivan is one of the 2 persons having developed the Qbserve! The working team having worked remotely for the past 8 years to develop this tools, using cutting-edge productivity approaches and intrinsic Mac technologies can guarantee the quality of the final product.

The result was a well-designed and effective automated time-tracking platform for Mac.

What Qbserve Does?

Qbserve is an automatic time-tracker for Mac with many features under its belt. The tool provides real-time productivity feedback, it tracks project time automatically, and then generates suitable timesheets and invoices.

This makes it ideal for freelancer and remote project teams want to have an accurate account of the work they have done!

Qbserve uses macOS features that, usually, are not available to many cross-platform time trackers. It provides many vital and detailed information as RescueTime does, and it has many automatic facilities for enhancing your productivity as the Toggl does (for a review of Toggl and what can do for you you could check this article).

In general, Qbserve offers many things larger time-tracking platforms provide, for a small price. It provides highly demanded features like:

  • Real-Time Feedback on your performance, including
    • Dynamic icons,
    • Notifications
  • Automatic project time tracking, including
    • Setup project rules,
    • Track work hours automatically,
    • Adjust collected data,
    • Create detailed invoices
  • Flexible time management, including
    • Browser integration,
    • Data export,
    • Idling,
    • Chat tracking
  • Accurate time monitoring,
  • Reports & timesheets, and
  • Privacy & affordability

In total is an excellent product you should take a look. Especially so, if you are an entrepreneur or a freelancer want to find a better solution for becoming more productive and effective in what he/she does without losing what’s important.

Check Qbserve and reclaim your time!