RecordCast is a new kid-on-the-block and an excellent screen recorder! It is one completely FREE online screen recorder and video editor can improve business communication and help you achieve your business goals.

Screen recorders are very useful tools today where video and image have a predominant place in the market.

In our digital economy, content and video in particular has become a major asset for every business, entrepreneur, or freelancer to make a difference and demonstrate his/her skills and competencies.

What’s Happening With Video Today?

The success of sites and platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, TikTok, Wistia, Rumble, Dailymotion, Metacafe, etc. (to name only a few) and their contribution to the grow of everyday business make apparent the value of visual elements today!

YouTube statistics speaks by themselves on the power of video today:

  • “YouTube has over 2 billion monthly logged-in users (and every day, people watch over a billion hours of video and generate billions of views)”,
  • YouTube is available to 100+ countries around the world, with 80 languages,
  • 500+ hours of video uploaded every minute.

So you can see that video is big business today and not using it can cost the success of your trade or of your business.

For this reason have been developed tools that can help you utilize and leverage the strengths of your business by capturing instances, walkthroughs, operations, how-tos of your products and help your audience familiarize itself with the value and services you are offering,

These tools are screen recorders that can capture everything you do in the screen to a video you can disperse around and help your user to use your products more effectively.

Screen recording tools like the RecordCast is!

But What You Can Do With A Screen Recorder?

There are many things you do with a screen recorder today in order to grow your audience and leverage the assets of your business.

You can use for instance a screen recorder to:

  • Improve business communication with prospects and clients,
  • Keep important pieces of information as future references,
  • Record an error or problem and send it to technology support,
  • Create on-the-job tutorials, online courses, and how-tos,
  • Monitor the implementation of a procedure by an employee,
  • Obtain a better understanding of errors and problems,
  • Get the whole picture of customer’s requirements,
  • Provide feedback to a colleague,
  • Send a personalized video to a client or prospect,
  • Support your customers with a how-to on how to perform a specific task,
  • Share a small portion of a video,
  • Improve the reach and depth of your video marketing campaigns,
  • Develop a meme for your social accounts of your business,
  • Explain an offer, an RFP, a procedure, or a document to a client,
  • Create a video presentation by recording PowerPoint Slides

among other things!

And this is the reason why a FREE screen recorder is a valuable assets to the toolbox of any entrepreneur, freelance, or small business owner.

Why Choose RecordCast?

Video marketing, sales and online training are predominant areas you can use the power of tools like RecordCast.

You can use it for many reasons bit mainly because it is:

  1. 100% Free. You can get a high-quality recorded video without watermark, without paying anything.
  2. No Download Required. You can start recording your screen online with one click within your browser, without the requirement of any additional software or extension.
  3. Flexible Recording. With RecordCast you can select to make a screen capture of the whole screen, of an application window, or of a browser tab (audio can also be recorded simultaneously if you like).
  4. Built-in Video Editor. You can polish your screencast by adding eye-catching titles, annotations, effects and more in the built-in video editor.

But RecordCast is not just a Screen capture platform. Is a full video editor you can use to deploy your marketing, learning and support video through out the public.

How to Record Screen With RecordCast?

To use RecordCast to produce an excellent screencast is a very easy procedure. You only need to:

  1. Start recording the area of the screen you require for your purposes,
  2. Adjust the relating recording and video settings, and
  3. Download, or edit your screencast.

You these 3 simple steps and the aid of RecordCast you can produce high-class screencasts to help your audience use more effectively your services or/and your products.

It is an excellent tool you need to look at and review it, in relation to your business goals.