Shuba KathikeyanThis is a guest post by Shuba Kathikeyan, head of Apex Global Learning the learning solutions arm of ECC International (ECCI). She has over 10 years of experience in the areas of project management, business analysis, software development and IT service management. She carries several international certifications in the areas of ITIL, Business Analysis, Project Management, Microsoft Technology and Learning Management amongst others. Shuba has a passion for process improvement, training, and new product development.

We all want top talents in our team. Unfortunately, the best of the best are almost never on the market for a new job. The majority, if not all, are currently employed and are happy where they are.

Recruit Top Talents For Your Company

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Unless you manage to catch them when they’re contemplating a professional shift, it’s harder and harder to recruit the top talents these days. But, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Here are some tips to recruit the best employees for your company.

Create a Desirable Company Culture

Top talents want to work in an environment wherein employees, especially the high performing ones, are treated as assets.

While everyone is still replaceable, no matter how good they are at their jobs, employees want to feel that they are valued, and the things they bring to the table are utilized and not simply brushed aside.

Like consumers, job seekers do their research about the company and its culture before they even see an opening. If you want to attract the top talents—whether they are looking or not—you have to develop this sought-out culture first within your company and promote it.

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Build Relationships Even Without a Job Offer

If you’ve successfully created and promoted the right workplace culture, top talents wouldn’t think twice of building relationships with you online even without a job offer in sight. Many talent recruiters are leveraging social media to forge these relationships, especially in LinkedIn. They use content marketing to generate leads and nurture them way before there’s an opening in their organizations.

By consistently building a pool of top talents, companies can generate potential leads should an opening arise.

Go Beyond Salary

For top talents, jumping ships are more than just the money. While a higher salary is always a good starting point, high performers look beyond the salary factor. They look into the company culture, work flexibility, career and training opportunities, and work-life balance.

If you want top talents, you have to promote more than just high pay. You have to communicate what makes your company stand out from the pack, and what they can become as individuals if they join you.

Create Powerful Ambassadors

Just because you are looking for top talents doesn’t mean you can forget about the ones who are already part of your team. Empower your existing high performers to become brand ambassadors, and in turn, generate more leads for you.

Normally, top performers hang out in clusters. They participate in the same activities because of shared goals. You need to tap into these groups by using your current top talents as lobbyists.

Leverage on Intel and Engagement Rates

Study how the top talents in your team are performing. Use the data to create campaigns that are tailor fit to what they are looking for. Apart from improving engagement rates, you also learn what they want, and you can use this data to connect with other top talents who are outside of your organization.

Employees run on emotions, and top talents are motivated by their goals and desires. Find what makes them tick and use it to your advantage.

Find the Best Ones

These are just some of the tips that can help you not only locate, connect, and hire the best ones, but also nurture them into generating further leads for you. The workplace has become more and more competitive these days, and it’s becoming harder to find and retain talent. But with data, tapping into the best talents is not an impossible feat.