When managing a company, it’s crucial to secure your business interests. Protecting your employees, your data, and your finances is always important. But one of the most significant assets you need to keep secure is your workplace.

Securing Business Premises

Image Source: Pixabay

Burglars often target businesses at night, knowing they can get their hands on expensive equipment. Customer-facing companies also need to worry about daylight robbery. You’ll want to take many precautions to ensure your workplace is secure. Here are some of the things you should do.

Install An Alarm

Having a burglar alarm installed can stop thieves even when nobody’s around. If trespassers set off an alarm at your business, the police can quickly respond and ensure you don’t lose anything. Even having a noticeable alarm system can deter thieves from targeting your business in the first place.

Add Security Cameras

You should have cameras recording both inside and outside your premises 24/7. If any incidents occur, your cameras can pick up the footage. Much like with alarms, burglars will often avoid targeting businesses if they know they’ll be caught on camera.

You may want to install megapixel cameras around your premises. These can record high-quality footage so any trespassers can easily be identified.

Security cameras can transmit footage to screens or computers. You can access recordings or even monitor them live to watch for any security breaches.

Secure Doors And Windows

Upgrading the hardware of your premises can help secure your workplace. Naturally, you’ll want the strongest locks on your entrances, but there are other areas you’ll also want to protect.

Storage areas containing expensive equipment or sensitive information should be well-secured. Installing a sturdy lock isn’t the only option. Some businesses use keycard access systems. This enables employees to get into certain areas while still keeping them safe from trespassers.

You’ll also want to make sure intruders can’t break in through windows. You can install locks on your windows or upgrade them with security glass. Many companies also use security glass doors to make it harder for people to break in.

Hire Security Staff

Many businesses hire staff to help keep their premises secure. With your security system installed, you may want people to monitor your cameras and look out for any potential incidents.

Security guards don’t just protect against theft. If a violent incident occurs in the workplace, security guards can diffuse the situation. They can also control who gets access to certain areas.

Businesses with valuable assets to protect, such as banks, often employ security guards for both day and night. Having 24-hour security helps prevent any criminal activity from happening.

Monitor Who Goes In

Having employees clock in and out isn’t just useful for the payroll. If money or valuable assets go missing from your premises, you’ll want to know who was there at the time.

You can also have visitors sign in and out when accessing employee areas. Some companies have security guards provide access passes for visitors. Accounting for everyone who accesses your premises can help identify any suspicious activity.