Businesses all over the world are using social media in different ways. But just how many industries are using social media on a large scale? And how exactly are they using it? We’re going to take a look at just that in this article.

Social Media

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This one seems a bit too obvious, right? Well, sometimes people forget that marketing really is its own business. People always think of it as simply part of someone else’s business. But marketers will use social media in order to market their own business. This is because the industries that are looking for marketing services will often look at social media first for such a service.

Social Media Marketing

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Social media seems to be a natural extension of the work that entertainers do. When you think about it, it’s people in the entertainment industry who have the most followers on Twitter and Facebook. Most of them are singers, but there are also plenty of authors and filmmakers there, too. People who are trying to make a living by producer YouTube content will definitely use Twitter. When people are starting out in this industry, social media becomes an amazing way to network. Once they’ve established themselves, social media becomes the best way to share their content.


Not many people seem to think that restaurants could use social media marketing. This might have something to do with that fact that so many restaurants actually fail to maintain a potent web presence at all. But restaurants can and absolutely should be using social media to market themselves. Think about how much food-related content goes viral these days. Business owners in this field should be using such potential to their advantage.

Social Media Fashion

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Much of the content that fashion produces shows beautiful models in the hottest new clothing lines. This has always been true. It’s why fashion magazines always sold so well and continue to do so, even as magazine readerships decrease. Images have always been the most powerful way to get content across to people. The fashion industry uses this to its fullest effect. It’s no wonder that Facebook and Instagram are loaded with wildly popular fashion accounts.


You may not have been expecting this one on the list. But education has definitely made good use of social media. You may have thought that social media has been nothing but a problem for education. After all, when we think about education and social media, we usually think about students getting distracted from class! But social media has allowed students and educators to interact in new ways. And, of course, colleges have found social media to be incredibly useful marketing tools.

Social Media Journalism

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It’s not just videos and images that go viral. Many have lamented about the death of the written word. But social media has shown that not everyone has lost interest in a good, in-depth article. Journalists have been able to harness social media to make sure their articles are read around the world. Of course, the Internet, in general, hasn’t been too kind to the pursuit of journalism. But social media has definitely found a use in this industry.

Question: Are you using social media for your business? How effective are you at using social media? What difference have social media had to your business strategy? Please, share your experience and thoughts, here!