To start blogging, today is not difficult! It takes some time, some effort and some dedication but the overall “investment” is actually very small. You should commit, though, to the blogging discipline, due to the personal and professional benefits, blogging per se can provide. Because even the fact of start blogging can transform you, in more than one ways!

Start Blogging

Why Should You Start Blogging?

Why you should involve, you might ask, with something like that? Well, there are many reasons, some of which are not frivolous, at all! But the main reason for you starting a blog is a matter of expression. You have something you have to tell to the world and you need a way of doing it. In your own mode, with your own worlds, with your own pace. I think this is the most serious reason, for someone to start blogging!

But this is ONE reason. And that reason masks (!) the many reasons supporting that blogging can have a tremendous effect on your personal and professional life!

Do we have many bloggers? The answer is yes. Do we need, some more? The answer is yes again.

We need more people to share their plans, dreams, ideas, ambitions, passions, tips, doings, how-tos, tutorials, questions, answers, pictures, music, doings, jobs, and words, etc. with the world. Why? Because in that way bloggers, among other writers, doers, decision-makers, technologists, companies, interest parties, organizations, etc. can achieve a worldwide cultural change and better ourselves and our society in many ways.

The free flow of information can do that, as history has taught us.

How To Start Blogging?

As it been said, start blogging, is an easy case, for everyone! It really, technical, with today’s means, only takes 20 – 30 minutes to launch it, some more time to have it up and running and, presto, you can start sharing your ideas with the world.

You might start blogging in a light-headed way (for fun perhaps, or because you like writing, or perhaps because you have something important to say), you might do it awkwardly and without style (!!!), you even might search some more in web and start blogging with a more consistent and “professional(!)” way. It does not matter!

If you have something of value to say, somebody will hear you and, more of the times, he/she/they will answers (which is cooler, don’t you think so!). It is as if you send a message in a bottle or light a small light and there are people to respond to that.

Start blogging, some of the times is a kind of magic, but some other times, it is not! You see, the discipline of blogging requires hard and demanding work, it needs devotion, commitment and time to invest if you are going to do it right! And yes it is a discipline, an art and a little bit science, all that wrapped up in one very heavy or light, according to your goals and intentions, package! Believe me, I know!

Despite the effort though, it worth it. Because it provides you a place for express yourself, for communicating your ideas towards other people and interact with them. This simple process of communicating and test your ideas against the reality is a valuable one, a process makes you, eventually, a better and more responsible person.

Would you like, to start blogging? If you want to start blogging, where would you begin?