The time for my second yearly Sabbatical has come. It is a time of year I try to release the pressure for my everyday activities and “recharge my batteries” doing other things or the same things with a different way!

Summer Sabbatical 2015

Every year I try to take some time off, for myself and my family. I usually try to take some kind of a break 2 times a year, in February and August. These sabbatical have helped me to form many of the ideas and approaches I deal with in my blogs and triggered the development of my books and courses, among other things.

I have violated this principle (to take some time off my normal day-to-day activities) for the past 4 or so years due to my many activities and of the things I have to do. But this year I intend to re-establish it, because so many things have been produced exactly on this periods and because these sabbatical has proved to be some of my most productive periods of my life (in many levels, personal, family, professional, social, etc.).

So from August 17th – September 15th I would be “out of office” (so to speak). I would try to break my normal daily routines and habits and do some other things, I hope would be beneficial both for me and my readers in the future.

During this period there would be no new blog posts (unless I think I have something important to say to you), no too much e-mails, limited social media interaction and no news (besides “There are no news in Augustas Umberto Eco, one of my favorite writers and scholars, wrote). I’ll be in Athens the most of time, but I intend to stay below the radar (I would try to leave of course for a short period for some short vacations, but these vacations would be limited!)

I have a lot of projects in my notebooks I would like to start and other to finish, while there are many major tasks in my master list, I need the time to contemplate further! Sabbatical for me tend to be more time consuming and demanding towards my daily activities, but in a different, more creative way. That’s why are so important to get me in this “offline” mode.

For now, until September 15th, I will, of course, publish some things of interest for my readers (mostly slide decks and video I found inspiring, informative and of great value for everyone) on Mondays and Thursdays! I have also scheduled my newsletter for the end of the month August (an activity much appreciated by my readers, according to their comments). As usual!

My newsletter is the culmination of many efforts and summarizes business and personal activities, trials and errors, a lot of professional and consulting experience as well as many things I come to learn and I have tested about personal and professional life. It is an action based newsletter and it is focused on providing practical approaches and thoughts can motivate YOU to take the initiative to change the things in your life you want to modify or change completely. You can always subscribe to my newsletter and get a free copy of my e-Book ‘On Leadership & Business‘!

Given the opportunity, I would also like to wish you a very happy, prosperous and joyful summer period! And remember: if you want to change anything to yourself, to your business, to your practice, to your family, to your relationships or to your society, YOU have to do something about it! If you know what you are doing, other people will follow!

Thank you for your trust, support, and encouragement for all this time. I’m planning and intending to provide you with more value and more actionable approaches for changing the things you want and make the things right.  I will also try to provide you with even more challenges, communication channels, prompts to action and products may change the how you do things!

Keep in touch and have always in mind that if you do not try you would never know for sure if you could succeed or not!