Today’s post is written by Kamy Anderson. Kamy is an ed-tech enthusiast with a passion for writing on emerging technologies in the areas of corporate training and education. He has 7+ years of experience working with ProProfs learning management system and other e-Learning authoring tools, which has given him a hands-on experience of the latest course authoring software and an exclusive insight into the e-Learning industry. 

If your small business has started to grow at a rapid pace and you need more competent people to keep advancing, then you are surely facing a serious issue. Competence usually costs more and if you have a new wave of employees coming, then training all of them is going to deplete your funds quickly. Therefore, the expansion is not going to bring the expected return on investment.

Moreover, as you advance, users will start to have different expectations and you need to find a way to address their issues more efficiently. You need to ensure that every user is satisfied, which gets exponentially tougher with a growing user base.

So, what you should do to address this major concern? The answer is simple: it’s time you start training your employees.

This will allow you to improve the competency of your workforce without hampering your budget and also transform them into near-experts in a relatively short time frame. However, if you decide to take the traditional approach, it may also turn out to be strenuous for your budget, which is why you should consider e-Learning.

Here are five reasons why your company should use e-Learning

You Need To Increase Productivity And Efficiency

5 Signs it’s time your company should switch to e-learning - Productivity

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As stated, if you need to find a way to boost productivity and the quality of your work, then online training is definitely the way to go. If your employees are highly educated and better qualified, they will do their current tasks a lot faster. Moreover, the quality of their performance will also improve, irrespective of the department.

With an adequate e-Learning course, you can increase the knowledge of your client managers and your customer support team.

Once this happens, they will be able to help users choose the product that is right for them or help them resolve any product-related issues quickly.

You Need A Budget-Friendly Option For Training Multiple Employees

Since traditional corporate training is not something that favors a larger group of attendants, you would have to pay for each of your staff members individually to offer the training that is needed.

Things are not the same as e-Learning. You buy an online course, or you create one yourself, and your employees can attend it. Moreover, in light of new information or changing trends, the course can be easily edited and updated to meet any new company requirements. Another reason why e-Learning is such a good approach is its longevity.

Once you have a training program that is viable, you can use it again whenever a new employee comes on board. So, if you are a company that plans to expand and will have a frequent need for new team members, then you should definitely opt for an e-learning course.

You Have Different Types Of Learners Among Your Employees

5 Signs it’s time your company should switch to e-learning - Learners

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If more learners need to use the training course, you will face a  tough time conveying the same information to different people. The reason is simple. Every learner is different. While some acquire new knowledge using visual aids, there are many who grasps knowledge better if their peers explain them and simplify the lesson.

This is perfectly natural, and traditional corporate training might not meet these demands in the same manner as e-Learning.

Online courses allow their attendants to use webinar features, where more learners can go over the same lesson and discuss it. Furthermore, there is a variety of different media like videos, images, and infographics that illustrate particular points from the lesson to help learners understand better.

In other words, if you want to have a course that is optimized for a large number of employees, then e-Learning is definitely the way to go.

You Want To Monitor The Effectiveness Of The Training

You can’t know just how effective your course was until you test what you have learned. Luckily, with e-Learning software, you get the means of assessing the progression of your staff. You can create tests that will determine if your course attendants have acquired enough knowledge that can help them do their job better.

For example, do they fully know the difference between two similar products so that they can make a more valid recommendation to the customer? Additionally, you can have simulations that help them learn from experience and see just how well they can apply their knowledge. Simulations can be used for both learning and testing purposes.

Employees cannot advance to the next level until they have secured sufficient points/marks in the test, which means that they will all progress at their own pace without peer pressure and they cannot access advanced content until they have the necessary knowledge to understand it, which guarantees the effectiveness of the course.

You Want To Ensure That Everyone Attends The Training

5 Signs it’s time your company should switch to e-learning - Monitoring

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Finally, when there is a large number of employees who need to take the same course, it can be difficult to come up with a schedule that will work for everyone. With e-Learning, you don’t have those issues, since the course they attend is online, and they can do it from a place of their choice – home, coffee shop while commuting, etc. –  during their free time.

E-learning fits all – those who would like to study together can form an online study group, and the ones who prefer learning alone at their own pace can also do it. In simple words, e-learning caters to the needs of all types of students.

You should set a deadline of some sort that your workers need to follow, but how they choose to operate within that deadline is up to them.

Summing Up

So, if your workforce consists of new-age learners – millennials, young people, parents, students, gym-goers, and so on as these people have a different daily schedule and are unlikely to attend the training course at the same time- then e-learning is definitely meant for you.  Also, if you have remote workers who live in a different time zone, you should offer them the convenience of learning in accordance with their schedule.

The way people learn new things varies as well, so the best way to address all these issues is to use e-learning as a  training medium.