The concept of failure is not as the failure itself. It relates on how you deal with a failure. Everyone in his/her life has to deal with one or more failures in various fields! The point is not what happens, is what you do with what’s happened!

The Concept of Failure

There are no fixed solutions or a standard formula relates to failure. The experience is different for different people and the way you cope with it, provide you with the  appropriate “skills” to correct the problems, you may create and remedy the situation(s) ensued!

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Failure is a disruptive way, forcing you to deal with a situation, with a different perspective!

It equips you with:

  • the strength to achieve even more on what you are doing,
  • the determination to keep on doing something,
  • the focus on what’s needs to be done, and
  • the clarity needed,

while at the same time, it provides you a new perspective aiming at:

  • making you review your steps and correct what’s wrong
  • evaluating your goals and priorities
  • checking your strength and weakness against reality
  • aligning in with your real vision and objective
  • reviewing on what’s important to you

But failure is not a flaw of your character. It does not affect even a bit your character. It is simply a matter of wrong “mechanics” or the output of a false planning.

Any failure, even the most great ones, the ones related to your family, business, personal, relationship, financial, health, core goals of your life. are not affect you or should not affect you if you do not want it.

The only person can hold you responsible for your failure(s) is yourself. And a failure is only so if you see it as such. Otherwise, it may be a “learning tool“, a “disruptive process“, a “personal journey” or anything else you like!

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It is not the end of the world and certainly is not the end of YOUR world. You should recover quickly and get back on track as soon as possible on chasing the objectives you aiming at!

The only requirement applies to such situations is simply the following: Get over it!