It is important for everyone to find time for small escapes. As small escapes, in this context, I define every unstructured activity, leading to the enhancement of knowledge, joy, health, spirit, mental state, happiness, etc. Unstructured activities, as such, are basic components for reboot your life and free space for listening to yourself.

Small Escapes Ink

These small escapes provide a canvas where someone can build and enhance his/hers resiliency and stamina towards the challenges and tasks he or she has to face and time to clear his/her mind.

The term “small escapes” imply unscheduled time reserved for exploring, learning, playing, relaxing, or whatever consist for everyone, a positive action (or even a positive absence of action).

A small escape could be an excursion, a trip, a vacation, a weekend with your family or significant other, as well as a time reserved for the reading of a good book, time for exercise, drawing, painting, music (both listening and playing it), etc.

For every person is something different. and for every person is vital and significant.