What does web manufacturing mean to you? The e-business industry is massive and encompasses a large number of sectors. It should be no surprise, then, that manufacturing is now available online. Before you scoff at the prospect, think about the advantages.

The Wonderful World Of Web Manufacturing

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To begin with, the World Wide Web is a cost-cutting machine and your products and services may drop in price. Also, online manufacturing is easier to handle when there is an international element.

Not too many SMEs can afford to waste time and money flying to Asia. Just like there are pros, there are cons also, and they can be dangerous.

To help you avoid the pitfalls, here is a selection of things you have to know.

What Are You Looking For?

On the face of it, this sounds like an easy question answer. All you want is a contractor that can turn your idea into a reality.

All in all, it’s not complicated. Still, there is a lot more to take advantage of online, and some of the extra features may help the business.

As well as a manufacturer, a wholesaler or distributor can pick up the slack regarding the brands and products that already exist. A drop shipper can also fulfill orders that are in production.

There are several more to choose from, but these are the three main contenders.


Lots of small businesses prefer to keep the process in-house to save money.

If you have the skill and equipment, it’s a fine idea that can pay off big time.

Expertise and experience aren’t two things you can pick up in the supermarket, so let’s assume they’re in your wheelhouse.

The tools are a different matter. Firstly, you will want to decide whether to rent or buy.

More importantly, you need to consider the prices. CNC machining centres often have affordable packages on offer, so check them out online.

Otherwise, you can hit up eBay and opt for a second-hand option if you dare.

Web Manufacturing - Brokers

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After Sales Service

Once you make a purchase, the service shouldn’t just stop.

Outsourcers must keep in constant contact, for example, to ensure a smooth transition.

Usually, third parties are on the ball, but you shouldn’t neglect the idea of kicking them up the backside when needed.

Suppliers are different because they see their job as selling and nothing else.

Thankfully, the best companies provide warranties and finance options, as well as training. Online courses are very effective, especially if there are gaps in your knowledge.

Web Manufacturing - Domestic Vs Overseas

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Domestic Vs Overseas

Small businesses like to keep everything neat and tidy and domestic.

There are plenty of benefits to domestic manufacturing, but don’t let an international service scare you away. For the most part, it’s cheaper and very effective compared to using a local company. And, video calling technology means you can liaise via Skype or FaceTime without leaving the office.

Do watch out for firms that exploit their workers because it does happen in countries where the legislation isn’t as tight.

Expect the Web to be fully involved in manufacturing in five to ten years’ time. Will you be ready to take advantage?