This is the first part of a small series of the article with the general title: “11 Things, a Leader Should Avoid!”. The series would be concluded in three (3) parts. This is part 1.

Leading is not easy! It takes times to build it, needs intention and little things can ruin it, …
Beyond repair!

11 Things, a Leader Should Avoid

Leading Is Not Easy!

It is not always easy to be a leader; in order for you to have influence or impact on your everyday activities or towards the people surround you should be very careful. The currency of leadership is the trust and trust is a commodity very easily “spoiled” or “smeared” by various malicious or ill-willed people. Romans, have understood, very early in their history this, and demand that even Caesar’s wife must be above suspicion! some more, it is true for today’s leaders.

What Does Leading Involve, And Why There Are Things, A Leader Should Avoid?

In order for you to be ready to lead yourself others and rise above the circumstances and (maybe, just maybe, if you are worthy and intentional (!) for the people around you), if you want to be responsible and accountable for your actions and not waiting for someone else to do what you own to do (!), you should do some things and avoid certain other things, that might do you much harm in the course you are or you are going to embark to! These are small things, not necessary, or always, wrong or evil ones, but, just the same, things and behaviors, that may stick to you and follow you to the rest of your life!

Leadership is about influence and what we usually associate with leadership is that kind of impact or influence that transform ordinary lives, consciences, attitudes, behaviors in something greater than themselves; it is a kind of “attitude” that when you assume it (and it is in your hand to assume it or not, not mistaken about that!) you can do wonderful thing beyond yourself. But this kind of attitude is not gained by accident, and surely is not something you just stable on it!

Objectives of Leadership

Leading, it is a course with a destination faint and most of the times vague, that need a lot of conscious effort to be gained, mastered and practices and everyday trials and errors to be mastered (if you can!). Most of the times, the time scope of our life is not enough to master such an attitude and skill, let alone to do something big and beyond yourself, something that would be a game changer for an entire community and why not, perhaps for an entire nation! But we do know this. That a leader should avoid some things, mostly behaviors, and attitudes that would jeopardize his or her status and, as a result, his or her influence towards the other people!

The post “11 Things, a Leader Should Avoid” would continue on Part 2!