What is time management and why we need to answer the “time for what” question? Time management is a common denominator in a plethora of books in the modern literature trying to establish the specifics and the premises of various working schemes that would ease or support the gaining of more time.

What it Time Management?

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These approaches, usually focus on methodologies, time management tips, approaches, tools, that would support in an effective way the management of the most valuable resource of our era, i.e. the time.

But the question the seldom is answered, is “Time for What“?

The Time Management Puzzle – Time Gained and Re-Gained?

It’s all great to gain more time, but time for what? Is it for everyone? And what to do someone with the extra time gained?

Modern society is structured around the all main concept of speed. Smart, speedier, cards, faster computers and PDA’s, tablets, mobiles, solid state disks & electronics, time management, tips, and a plethora of technologies, methodologies, approaches, etc that guarantee the on-time effect.

So, what’s the answer to the “time for what” question?

I believe that the answer is personal and unique for each one of us. But it is an answer that should be addressed in order we find balance both in our personal as in business life.