The world of web design is forever changing.  Each year new technologies and ideas come out that force designers to learn something new.

Tips for Making Your Website Mobile Friendly

Image Source: Pexels

In the past, websites were designed with the home computer in mind.  These PC browser friendly sites were often static and did not need to change very often.  Now websites need to be so much more.

With a growing population using their smartphones to browse the internet, sites need to be mobile friendly and highly responsive. Today, we are going to learn some tips that will help get your website up to par.

Utilize Standard Fonts

When it comes to web design in Calgary, one of the most important things to remember is to use standard fonts.  While it might be fun to play around with different fonts on your website, they might not look so great on a mobile browser.

Standard font sizes and shapes should always be used.  Additionally, customized fonts can be difficult to download due to their large size.

This can greatly reduce the speed of your site and turn away those who are trying to view it on a smart device. For more information on how to make your website more responsive, please visit this link.

Pay Attention to Width

To make your website more mobile browser friendly, make sure to set the proper width.  This can be achieved by opening your site on your desktop computer browser.  Next, resize the window so that it is at its narrowest but still keeping your site readable.  Finally, record the size of this window and set it as your preferred viewpoint in the meta tag at your page’s head.

Also, remember to set your image widths to 100% because some images will be too wide for mobile browsers.  By setting them to 100%, it will allow the browser to naturally reset them to the proper viewable size.

Always Use Word-Wrap for Long Strings

If you need to display long strips of numbers or letters, make sure that you use word-wrap. Failure to do so may result in your strings getting extended off the edge of the screen.

This happens because your website’s width is simply too narrow to handle such long lines.  But with word-wrap being utilized, the text will simply move to the next line.

This will keep your site looking professional while still allowing mobile users to easily download it.  For more information on how to use word-wrap, please check out this helpful website. Here you will find detailed information that will help you get the most out of this feature.

Making your website mobile friendly doesn’t have to be hard.  With just a few simple tricks, your site will be responsive and easy to load.  Being mobile friendly will give your site a huge advantage over those who have failed to keep up with the times.

With the massive amount of people around the world using smart devices to browse on the go, having a responsive site is highly important.