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About Takis Hello, fellow Twitter user! I’d like to thank you for clicking @tathan’s profile on Twitter.

So, who @tathan is? In a few words, @tathan is the Twitter username of Takis Athanassiou (yes, he is Greek).

Takis Athanassiou is a European operating e-Business & e-Learning consultant, focusing on providing you the best resources and practices for building an intentional and meaningful living, based on your initiatives, character, aspirations, and goals!

Greek in origin, Takis develops ideas, approaches, methods, resources, assets, and tools, that will help you to grow and better your personal and professional life!

Takis has managed, consult and cooperate with various organizations and companies in Greece and Europe in various business areas. Among them included public and private companies, organizations, agents, banks, and universities.

He has also cooperated and associated with companies active in the international e-Learning sector such as the Blackboard (USA) and the Saba (USA).

Takis shares his best strategies, mental models, ideas, and approaches for developing YOURSELF, according to your goals and your values!

At the business level, he pays close attention to the group dynamics and the personal interconnections, trying to form and employ strategies and operations that would assist the company in an integrated manner and enhance its effectiveness towards its organizational, social, and enterprise activities.

He aims at developing business and strategies having a win-win orientation towards all involved stakeholders while keeping the focus on the human and social aspects of the enterprises.

Here is Takis’ personal blog, a place for recording his thoughts and ideas, providing value and tools to his readers and disseminating the most valuable bits of his work.

Takis uses a specialized mindset based on leadership & strategy principles, personal growth directives, business-proven practices, and training activities to deliver his best results to you!

He employs and uses various approaches and tools using a mixture of techniques, including books, white papers, education, courses, coaching, mentoring, etc.

Takis is the author of the following books:

some of which are featured on Amazon or on the Gumroad. His books are featured also in different online platforms such as the Rakuten Kobo and Barnes&Noble bookstores.

He is also the author of numerous free books, guides, and white papers developed in the process of providing more value and clarity to his audience!

Takis is also a major contributor to Lead Marketing Shop. This online shop is his first approach for a dropshipping site. It is the place Takis and his associates collect the best products and items from various categories and introduce them to their audience.

Takis writes and develops products and courses for topics related to business, e-Learning, leadership, marketing, productivity, effectiveness, management, time management, social media, and tools, while, occasionally, he writes about various subjects (he thinks!!!) of interest for his readers.

He has developed or contributed to various courses, among which are the following ones:

  • Email Marketing 3.0, is a new course about email marketing and how to profit the most out of it! The course contains advanced email marketing strategies to witness an increase in open & click rates and get visitors hooked on your brand forever.
  • Facebook Marketing 2018, a course about marketing on Facebook that includes all the LATEST AND PROVEN strategies to instantly reach out to MILLIONS of globally scattered customers and boost sales and profits hands down.
  • Local Marketing. Local marketing attracts new customers. To remain longer in business you must remain active in your local area by continuously distributing information about your business around it.
  • YouTube Marketing 2018. A course about how to market effectively your products on youTube.
  • Your Niche Market, a FREE course to help you find your ideal target market,
  • Effective List Building Tactics, a FREE course to help you build an effective mailing list for your business, and
  • WordPress 4 Basics, a premium course to help you set up and run your WordPress site for your business.

His goal is to create meaningful and readily applicable approaches, ideas, schemes, etc. providing insights, interconnections, and tools that, could create a positive difference in various areas, and empower the people in their everyday personal and professional life.

Toward this end, Takis has an established presence is consulting and coaching oriented sites like the Maven and the Clarity.

A Very Brief CV of Takis Athanassiou

Takis Athanassiou has been working for over 20 years in the IT sector, as Project Manager, Team Leader, and Director in Greek SMEs, focused mainly in areas of IT services, e-Learning and consulting.

His main focus is Leadership and Strategy while he helps people, groups, and companies to develop their goals and adjust to the “new brave world” of digital media, in order to stay innovative, creative and competitive.

In order to do that, he uses various enablers (as the entrepreneurship, the technology, the financials, the e-Learning, etc. are) to empower the people in developing their personal and professional life and the companies to enhance their impact.

Today he is working in the areas of business consulting, e-Learning and social media while he writes, blogs and discusses leadership, business, productivity, personal development, social media and tools that facilitate and support the flawless execution of everyday business and personal life. For more information for Takis, you can check Takis’ profile on LinkedIn.

In case, you are wondering what Takis is focused on currently, you can check this link!

How to Contact Takis

You can contact Takis either by e-mail or you can reach him via the contact page of this blog. Feel free to connect with him on TwitterLinkedin, Facebook, Flickr, Youtube, SoundcloudInstagram, and Pinterest.

Takis has also online, active, presence or active participation to other sites as well! Among them are the Amazon, the Gumroad, the Maven, the Clarity, the SlideShare, the GoodReads, the Medium, the TradePub, the BizSugar, the Quora, the ProductHunt, and others. Depending on your interests, you can check on these profiles and connect with Takis in any service you like!

Takis Athanassiou Blog Posts In Web

Takis Athanassiou blog is the “personal activities base” of Takis online activities (either business, blogging, networking, etc). But this site supported and supports other blogs as well and have some more “outposts“, around the Internet, for sharing and propagate the ideas, approaches, and tools, discussed here.

Such blogs, central for the concepts discussed here & various outposts are (among others) the:

Affiliations, Disclosures, and Relationships

Takis promotes and sells various 3rd party products and services via affiliate marketing links. These change frequently. Presume that most links here have an affiliate relationship attached, but also understand that if Takis promotes it, he uses and believes in the product or service (thank you, Chris Brogan, for this!)

Pursuant to new FTC regulations, Takis has developed this page of disclosures so that it’s clear when he is writing on behalf of someone else.

Occasionally Takis publishes some sponsored articles for products and services he thinks of value!

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