Everyone is keen to earn that extra bit of cash, and this can be easily achieved by setting up a side business on the side of your full-time job (for more information you can read this article). As the business world is saturated with competitive industries fighting to gain customers, it would be wise to start a unique business, so you receive a higher amount of interest from prospective customers and clients.

Unique Side Business Ideas for Extra Profit

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As soon as you have come up with a business idea, register yourself as self-employed and watch the cash start to roll in. If you are still looking for a business idea that is suited to your lifestyle, here are a few you could consider.


You may not realize that blogging can provide another source of income, but it can actually be very worthwhile.

Thousands of bloggers across the world write up content based on a whole host of interesting topics such as cooking, lifestyle and even business matters.

By gaining email subscribers and sponsorships as a result of growing interest in your blog, it could become an extra source of income which can be picked up as and when you wish.

Web Hosting

You may not have much clue about web hosting, but that doesn’t mean that as an amateur, you can’t earn money from it. Reseller hosting packages rent out bandwidth and a hard drive to individuals or companies, who then go on to rent it out to third-party companies.

It is most-popular amongst entrepreneurs looking to start their very own business in web-hosting, or for individuals looking to make a no-nonsense method of profit without having to get too involved with the project.

Due to the simplicity of it, many people are now choosing to use this idea as a clever money-maker. Find out more by browsing Krystal.uk to see how you can get started.

Graphic Design

While you may be professionally trained in graphic design, almost anyone can make a living out of it, due to the different types of professional software available.

Adobe Illustrator, for example, makes it easy for anyone with a bit of creativity and motivation can earn a steady income by designing graphics for businesses that may be used for the likes of websites, posters, and leaflets.

Social Media Marketing

Social media has become one of the most popular trends of the current generation, and although it is most frequently used for social purposes, it’s also vastly used for businesses to promote their products and services to a large audience.

You could start up a social media marketing company and run a business’s social media accounts for them, which is often a very successful way of making money.

Businesses with little clue on social media marketing or have too many tasks to complete would jump at the chance of the extra help for a fee.

Similarly, social media can be used to build an income, by building a following on your social media accounts with the hope of being approached by large-scale brands.

Brands often ask social media influencers to promote their products and offer a nice pay packet too.

Online Coaching

For individuals who have specialisms in certain subjects, there is the option to offer one-on-one coaching services as part of a side business idea.

What’s great, is that you can choose the students you’ll think you will work best with and choose hours that fit around your own schedule.

Similarly, you can charge your own rate and have the opportunity to build new friendships with your clients.