For most entrepreneurs, the worst moment of their careers happened during the initial months of 2020. It was an incredibly challenging year for small-scale businesses, considering they have little resources and a non-existent financial safety net to fall back on.

Suppose SMEs want to continue operations during fickle economic times. In that case, applying for loans is the most plausible option for them, but this will mean accumulated debt without guaranteeing a profit. Although this made small businesses vulnerable, plenty of big corporations also weren’t lucky enough to survive.

Now that entrepreneurs know the internal and external threats to look out for, they can get back in the field with modified processes fit for the pandemic. If you’re gearing to launch a venture amidst this unstable period, aside from the time-proven tricks of the trade you have, you also need to supplement that with new learnings from the pandemic. To begin, below are some factors you can use.

Regularly Upload Announcements

The business sector isn’t the only sphere that suffered from the covid-19 virus. The clientele population also took some hits. For instance, since the pandemic crippled deliveries and production, clients are hesitant to purchase anything since their bought items might not arrive at their doorstep.

You can regularly upload announcements regarding the processes you have changed, the items in and out of stock, and canceled deliveries to solve this problem. In essence, giving your clients updates will provide them with peace of mind about their checked products.

Update Your Pricelist

Since the economic climate as of present is shaky, you also need to adjust your prices, especially if you buy raw materials to manufacture your products. When you update your customers with your new price list, you also provide them with a more convenient service.

These days, online transactions and door-to-door deliveries are how businesses get by. So when a client knows the updated prices of your products, they can send you the exact amount and avoid asking for refunds and change, which can be a hassle.

Publish Customer Reviews

Malls and other commercial establishments are open again. However, people still like shopping online, not only because it’s safer but also because it’s convenient. So you still need to carry on with mobilizing your online channels.

To draw in more clients, you can entice them using customer reviews. It’s challenging to purchase items online since much on-site shopping experience isn’t available, including the chance to test products first-hand. To make up for it, uploading screenshots from client feedback can help you gain more credibility.

Multiple Options for Communication

As stated above, a handful of the in-store experience is lost when shopping online, and one crucial aspect is talking with a salesperson. The best you can do for this is to keep your communication gateways open most of the time.

It’s also vital that you give out various avenues that customers can choose from to conveniently inquire about your products no matter the devices they use and regardless of the platform.

Make It Available Online and Onsite

If you operate both online and via your physical store, you can optimize your services by making your products available in your cyber shop and brick-and-mortar store. The past year abound with plenty of setbacks. It’s only fitting that you spend the remaining months of this year to get back the potential sales you’ve lost.

For example, you can offer courier delivery for regular and rush orders and pick-ups for patrons who want to drop by your store and look at other items. This omnichannel approach will let you serve more people and attract other individuals into checking out your brand.

Sell Items in Packages

There are plenty of tactics you can use to entice customers to buy your products. It may be through sales and limited-time offers. But coupling items with other relevant products are also an excellent way of making your offerings sell out.

If your industry revolves around hair styling products, you can sell them better if you package them with accessories like comb and brushes, plus hair clips.

Tap Influencers for Free Promotions

Influencer marketing is as good as tapping into A-list celebrities these days. Given the solid following of internet idols, you can use their fan base as a potential market for your products. You don’t even have to spend much on making deals with influencers if you don’t plan to sign them up as your official brand ambassador.

For starters, you can send them premiums in exchange for content via video clips or blog posts so that you extend your promotions on the platforms they use and appeal to a larger crowd.

Improving operations amidst a pandemic is a new challenge small and big companies face. To get through this challenging period, you must optimize your processes and adapt ones suitable for the unique demands of this time.