Valentine’s Day, it is a special day, for many people around the world. It signifies a joined path, an intentional (or would be / aspiring!) connection & bondage between two people and their (future) commitment to stay, live & thrive together! Allegedly, it is THE day, for a little more love and romance! Or isn’t it! Well, Valentine’s Day signified you a lot more other things, and it not just for a day!

Why Valentine's Day Can't Teach Us Nothing

Valentine’s Day Blues!

Valentine’s Day is a significant day for many people around the world. Many people celebrate it with must jest, fun and dedication, besides the religious connotation. Why, because it is a free-will celebration for love, romance and coupling between two significant, for the other, persons! And that it is important! For those, at least, that have an objective for their affection! A significant other to direct and channel their feelings and invite him/her to a new (or renewed) joined path. Together! With mutual respect to the personality, character, free will and personal boundaries of each other! And a lot couples (married, would-be, or not couples yet) are benefited enormously by the sentiments of this day in various levels (emotionally, physically, spiritually, etc.)

That day, also, brings along, and a lot of depression, indecision, anxiety and other negative feelings, to those who are, presently, single and live (intentionally or unintentionally) alone. As Christmas and Easter period, this day, more than others(!), signifies a lot of bottled down negative feelings and, for those people, mostly triggers new waves of feeling blue! And that it a sad thing, for a day should be celebrate, by everyone (even and by the lonely ones)! For one just, but quite, significant, reason: because it is a day that might make you to thing, who you really want in your life and decide how you are going to invite or keep him/her in your future life!

So what’s it’s the game plan. How you can do, something as that. Well, there are no fixed solutions or magical recipes to help you to invite or keep someone in you life. There are no shortcuts (!), as well. No money, gifts, flowers, favors, bows, or anything you can think of, cannot keep someone who he/she does not like to be with you or he/she is ready to leave. And, unfortunately, this is a sad story! But it is also true.

To invite someone in your life or/and keep him/her there, takes a lot of work. Daily, conscious and focused towards the significant other person. Because, as we have warned often, in many situations, as in this one, the God as the “devil is in the details“! And the details are those that enhance or ruin a relationship.

So what can be done?

Some Everyday (and Valentine’s Day!) Gestures

The problem of relationships is a large and a demanding one! Does not accept easy solutions, recipes or other mambo jambo easy to apply hacks and tips! It is a very serious matter, and for that should be treated accordingly. But fortunately enough though, exist, some valuable and solid gestures, that can help us to attract and keep the significant other in our life!

It is a kind of magic! But it should be a daily magic with daily focus, practices and gestures towards the other person and does not apply to the Valentine’s Day alone. And for that should be expressed intentionally and willingly!

Having these premises in your mind, and to maximize your capabilities of being selected, affected, blessed, approached by a beautiful person and create a relationship of value with him/her for the both of you, you should start practicing and performing some daily moves (or gestures, if you like!).

These, at the least, are:

  1. Make the other feel important, significant and unique both with your gestures as with your words. This is the most significant, single, thing for the development and cultivation of a successful relationship. In order for you to do it you need to forget the obvious, habitual or customary routines among a couple, to negate to the daily and custom acquired view of the other person and see the significant other with a new look! Only in this way you can see an other person with a different perspective and with a feeling of importance, significance and uniqueness, usually you reserve for yourself.
  2. Express your real feelings towards the other person, NOW, not later, not tomorrow, not even next month! Some things are of much importance in order for you to place them on a queue! Discuss and debate with the other person about everything, big or small, important or unimportant, real or fictional, but do it now! Tomorrow may not give you that option! So, what you have to say, to express, to give, etc do it now and not leave it for just another day. The same gesture applies, as well, for every significant person in your life! And
  3. Give a promise or commit to something for the other person’s benefit (even if it is a small thing!) and keep your promise. Following this line of thought, there are a lot things, you can do. You can always:
    • Accept his/hers feelings,
    • Refrain from bad remarks,
    • Acknowledge his/hers present in your life (not just for the day!),
    • Commit in scheduling more regular meetings for being alone or spend with the other person!
    • No present required, all the time, but small gestures and minor good sayings occasionally can definitely further and deeper your relationship a long way!
    • Do something special, extreme(!) or something of value for the other person (if you can!), something that has meaning only for him/her, though, and for nobody else!
    • Do something his/she want to be done!

    Knowing the other person, and as the time passing by, you would find more and more new ways, to make something of value for your significant other!. But do it frequently and daily. Do not Reserve it, only, for the special events and occasions!

So, why Valentine’s Day Can’t Teach Us Nothing?

Basically, because everything (all the above and even much more, …) should be done for the significant other person, Intentionally, Unconditionally and Everyday! Exactly, as you should do, for every significant person in our life!

Happy Valentine’s Day!