What do you do with your images? Have you ever considering using your images and photos to enhance your content marketing capabilities and reach more people. Well, many people do it, these days. Social media network focusing on storytelling and photos, provide an excellent boost up to your marketing efforts to communicate your message to a larger audience!


Image Content Marketing

Sites like Flickr, Pinterest, and Instagram (to mention just a few) provide central places for organizing and sharing multimedia content (as photos and video) while they can function as prime supporting mechanisms for your marketing efforts.

Pinterest, in particular, has recorded high growth rates and claims a more than 100 Million Monthly Active Users and interesting data make it a very attractive platform for content marketing!

This is the reason, so many tools have been developed to support and enhance your content marketing efforts as far as the Pinterest concerns! Tools like the ViralTag and the ViralWoot!

ViralWoot – Focus on Pinterest

ViralWoot, in particular, is a new Pinterest Management tool provides analytics, marketing services, and a free scheduling tool. It is a platform have been designed to increase your brand’s growth and reach using the services and facilities of the Pinterest platform!

ViralWoot Features

ViralWoot is an integrated solution for all you Pinterest related marketing requirements while provides many features that can help your content marketing efforts.

First of all, it is a network. As a network, it helps you gain more followers in Pinterest upon your addition to the platform of your Pinterest account. This is huge, because, ViralWoot helps you to reach people and boards, you would be unaware of!

ViralWoot also provides:

  • Management of multiple accounts
  • Pin influence Score
  • Integrated promotion of Pinterest pins
  • Pins scheduling for later or just-in-time posting
  • Development of pin alerts
  • Stats and analytics
  • Excellent support

In, total, ViralWoot, is an excellent tool you can add to your content marketing toolbox to help you promote your brand’s visibility and reach!

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