One question I often hear is the “How to get more money?“. It is natural! In the middle of today’s prolonged financial crisis, everyone wants to make a second income, or some more money, with an ease! But the scope is wrong! So is the question!

What is your Scope in Life
You see, the problem today is not only the money! It is, usually, the lack of scope and meaning in our life, lead us to the wrong question!

Toward Your Life Scope

If your only concern in life is the “how to get money” challenge, your scope is limited. You might need to reconsider your scope, in something much larger, as “How to get more resources to achieve my goals?or How to serve other people and build meaningful connections and interactions with them“.

Or the even better “Can I be someone who serve the people he/she interact with, and at the same time builds a sustainable lifestyle of meaning?“.

This last question set a much larger scope and, perhaps, develops to you, a much greater momentum and incentive for achieving it!

The latter question is a small (raw if like it) personal mission statement which can set in proportion to your life and make you find all the necessary resources to gain that objective.

What Your Mission Statement Says

If you decompose, this mission statement, you would find:

  1. A Vision (I want to serve the people and make a living out of this!)
  2. Some Outputs (*At personal level I’ll be more balanced and calm; I will devote more quality time to my family; at business level, I would pay more attention to my employs and I’ll try to develop more their skills and knowledge; at financial level I have reached a level of financial security able to permit me the design of a more balanced lifestyle; etc. *)
  3. A Strategy (According to my vision, my system beliefs, and my values, I would do all I can achieve win-win situations in all circumstances I’m involved in and to provide continuing value to other people with my actions, skills, and knowledge).
  4. Some Overall Tactics (I will do that without offending anyone, maintaining a coherent and cool posture in life and in business; I will provide for my family and spend all the available time they need me present for the individual and collective growth of each one of each of its members; By my activities I will seek to gain trust and to prove proof of knowledge via argumentation and good rationality, listening to the other people, influencing them to develop themselves and their abilities and trying to keep my health, fitness, mental, emotional psychological and spiritual state at top performance, etc.)
  5. Some Daily/Monthly/Year Tasks & Activities (whatever you have to do that would promote your main, overall, tactics according to your master strategy and bring you a step closer to the achievement of your desired outputs and towards the implementation of your vision)

What is your Scope in Life

As you can see, the way we express our life’s scope directly influencing and our why’s and how’s. And, as a result, provide us the necessary momentum to achieve what we want in our personal and business life!

So, what is your scope in life?

Please comment! It would be good for you and it would be good for me to know what you are thinking! Please give it a try and comment!