Looking to improve your online marketing? If you aren’t already using Google AdWords, now is the time to start. A business that use Google AdWords will see a significant boost in traffic, prospective buyers, and sales.

Why Does My Small Business Need Google AdWords

Image by William Iven from Pixabay

Keep reading to learn what your small business stands to benefit from using Google AdWords.

1. You’ll Reach Customers That are Ready to Buy

With Google AdWords, customers will find you in their time of need. As they are searching Google for local deals, services, products, and information, Google AdWords works to your advantage. For many businesses, using Google AdWords is akin to ranking on the first page of Google: they’re in local searches for customers that already intend on making a purchase.

2. You Can Access Your Location Targeting Options

If you’re a business whose success is contingent on your location, you can take advantage of Google AdWords’ location targeting. By geo-targeting your ads, you’ll be able to ensure that your content is seen by your target audience. This makes the most of your advertising budget while guaranteeing that you’re marketing to local buyers.

3. Shoppers Will Automatically Be Shown Your Location

Companies that use AdWords along with Google Places will be able to show shoppers a map of their location. With this feature, businesses make it that much easier for interested consumers to find them. Moreover, having a visual representation of where to find your business may inspire shoppers, even more, to use your services instead of choosing another company.

Moreover, customers that are able to locate your business with ease are much more likely to pay your location a visit. What’s more, with a map handy, they can easily share the location of your business with friends that might be need of similar services or products.

4. Customers Have Easy Access to Your Contact Information

Businesses that use ad extensions in conjunction with Google AdWords will be able to add addresses, phone numbers, links to apps, landing page links, customer reviews, and more. With contact information readily available, businesses will find that shoppers are more inclined to reach out rather than to continue scrolling.

Ad extensions won’t cost you any additional money. However, if someone clicks on your contact information, you’ll be charged for that click in the same way that you would be charged for a click on the ad. With Google tracking clicks to make phone calls and the like, you’ll ultimately be charged for whatever clicks and conversions are made through Google AdWords.

5. You Can Target Specific Searches

There’s a reason succeeding with Google AdWords is all about keywords. As you begin to use more targeted keywords in your ads, you’ll enjoy better ranking with Google. Using a company like PPC Pro to create highly targeted ads will ensure that customers that are looking for exactly what you’re offering will find you. As you perform your keyword research, be sure to choose the most optimized keywords that will get the most hits during a search.

With Google AdWords, you’ll be able to better connect with your target audience, as well as improve conversions. Be sure to keep these tips in mind as you put together your next advertising campaign.