Are you desperately looking for the ideal test engineer? Many companies find the hiring process a real challenge, which is why they request the assistance of professional recruiters.

By teaming up with a recruitment agency, each candidate has to undergo a comprehensive interview and have their skills, knowledge, and experience assessed.

Learn why hiring a test engineer without a test engineering recruiter is a challenge.

Not Evaluating Their Skills

Hiring the right test engineer without a recruiter might prove a challenge due to not evaluating their skills in the correct manner. A skill evaluation is critical when hiring such a professional, as this person is supposed to integrate and work with your in-house team. Fortunately, recruiters assess both the soft and hard skills of test engineers.

Soft skills include effective communication, effective teamwork, critical thinking, adaptability, and open-mindedness. Communication skills are essential, as these professionals will have the responsibility to provide feedback and work efficiently in a team. Another soft skill recruiters look for in test engineers is effective teamwork, as teamwork is required for effective product development. These specialists are expected to have excellent interpersonal skills to develop and maintain collaboration with software developers.

Moreover, critical thinking is a must for looking at a particular issue from different angles. Test engineers should be open-minded as well to search for potential issues and new areas of improvement. They should improve testing methods to make sure the final product quality exceeds traditional standards. These experts should be able to work under pressure and meet set deadlines.

Apart from assessing the soft skills of candidates, recruiters pay special attention to hard skills as well. Click here for a definition of hard skills. Test engineers are responsible for creating and conducting quality assurance on systems and products for the purpose of checking whether they function correctly. Candidates should be qualified to inspect the various product and system aspects, design test environments, plans, and provide feedback on serviceability and usability.

Why Hiring The Right Test Engineer Without A Recruiter Is A Challenge

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Senior engineers are expected to have more advanced hard skills, like developing tests and designing software or hardware to execute them. They should be proficient in conducting manual and automated tests, along with interpreting the results and providing technical expertise. By analyzing the resumes of applicants, recruiters gain insight into the hard skills of each candidate. This process is usually too time-consuming for company owners.

Not Asking The Right Interview Questions

Another reason why hiring such an engineer might prove a challenge without a recruiter is because of not asking the right interview questions. The process of finding the best professional is by conducting high-quality interviews while asking different types of questions. In order to evaluate the previous experience of candidates, recruiters ask the right questions related to their competence and years of experience.

For instance, recruiters strive to discover what testing tools candidates use, how they distinguish between a cause and symptoms in testing, whether they are experienced in using object-oriented programming languages, etc. They also ask candidates to provide an explanation of SDLC methodology and describe a testing strategy they consider to be the most effective.

Another type of interview question asked by recruiters refers to method and adaptability. Candidates should possess a problem-solving skill set, patience, and willingness to upgrade their knowledge and adapt to changing technologies. Recruitment agents assess the potential of applicants by asking them how they learn a new product and how they keep track of developing technologies.

In addition, recruiters aim to assess the collaborative attitude of potential engineers. They ask applicants to describe their collaboration with other engineers and developers in the past, as well as any conflict they might have had with a colleague. Senior engineers are expected to answer more complicated questions during these interviews.

For example, senior specialists are usually required to define the main elements of a bug report, explain the difference between quality assurance and control, make a difference between regression testing and retesting, etc. See this link,, to learn more about quality assurance.

Final Word

A professional recruitment agent will assist you in choosing the best addition for your in-house team.

Hire such services to save time!