I decide the development of the “Takis Athanassiou | Leadership Initiative” blog, as main loci for ideas, tools,  practices that could be easily implemented by everyone and streamlined in the everyday life in the form of principles, habits, tips, and hacks.

Leadership Initiative Blog

Small, every day, changes in mainstream activities can bring a significant impact on the final outcome.
Especially when these activities are intentional and directed towards goals, or even better when to follow general principle-based life strategies (see and: KaizenWhat is Kaizen? and Small Changes in Life, to name a few).

Leadership is one of the rarest resources in need today, scarce but critical, aiming to transform, in a positive way the modern society and people.

Today people face a lot of challenges that leave them in most cases out of balance, render them unable to cope with the situation at hand.

The difference between the “I’m always ready” attitude against the “I cannot cope with it” situation is really a small but constant one activity that could read as “constant cultivation“.

Cultivation of self, of relationships, of tools, of procedures. Every day, all the time. It means the negation and challenge of everyday comfortable concepts, the change of familiar mental paths and attitudes and in total the change of behavior.

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit. – Aristotle

For these reasons the “Leadership Initiative“.

Leadership Initiative, Without The Fuzz!

Leadership, because is a general umbrella-like term, that incorporates a multitude of resources  necessary for the transformation, such as:

  • Vision and planning
  • Goal settings
  • Guidance based on principles
  • Positive Influence
  • Positive commitment
  • Collaboration and management
  • Self-management
  • Motivation
  • Constant Learning & Training
  • Self-development and the drive to better yourself
  • A solid state of principles that can direct the process to the desired outcome
  • Tools that can support and sustain a procedure
  • Methodologies, techniques, approaches and ideas that can transform the way we view and perceive things and situations
  • Clever mind hacks that can shorten the way we do things
  • Resource management
  • Logistics and economics
  • Coaching, facilitation, mediation and consulting techniques


Initiative, because we need to produce, each and every one and all as a group, more initiatives that can propagate and multiple scarce today’s commodities as:

  • Novel ideas generation
  • New approaches
  • Innovation
  • Work – life balance
  • Personal development
  • Positivity
  • Life trends
  • Focus and concentration on basic principles
  • Monitoring and guarding of things that considered as given
  • Development of new approaches that might lead to new social, political and business approaches and economic models of practice and profit (both personal and professional and not only with the monetary sense)
  • New ways of interaction with face-2-face and electronic media

and much more

Leadership Initiative Formula (There Is One?)

The aspired, operative, formula of Leadership Imitative is an old and a simple one. Consists basically from a formula reads:

(Leadership + Initiative) X (Networking + Propagation of new ideas, concepts, methodologies, tools) = Positive outcomes in personal and professional life (i.e. transformation first on a personal level and then to a social level).

First and foremost this blog is a place that would collect my ideas and insights for Leadership, Productivity, and Effectiveness in Personal and Professional Life. At the same time may support and enhance similar efforts, providing context and content, in everyone might find any use in the ideas presented here.