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Link building has the potential to send huge amounts of online visitors to your website and can also increase your website’s ranking in the search engines. However, many website owners don’t realize this and neglect or ignore their link building activities altogether. Below are five strategies you can use for better link building.

5 Strategies for Better Link Building

Be Consistent

In the past, the search engines used fairly primitive algorithms that decided which websites were best, based on the number of backlinks they had. As a result, many website owners and website administrators bought huge numbers of poor quality backlinks, which gave a false impression of how popular a website was.

As time has rolled on, the search engines have become smarter. Buying huge numbers of poor quality backlinks no longer work. Instead, you need to have a more consistent and realistic approach. Adding a regular amount of high-quality backlinks looks more natural and your website will be less likely to be penalized by the search engines.

Diversify Your Backlinks

Always linking from the same website or same type of website will attract the attention of the search engines for all the wrong reasons. It looks suspicious and it is not a natural way for websites to link to another website.

Your links should be placed on different types of websites, because this is how it often happens when no link building strategies are used, and the search engines are aware of this. As well as this, you have the potential to get visitors from a wider variety of websites.

Use the Appropriate Tools

Without the appropriate tools, link building becomes a cumbersome and slow process. However, before you decide to use a particular link building tool, make sure it does not go against the rules and regulations of the search engines. For instance, if you want a reliable tool that helps you to research, prepare campaigns and monitor your campaigns, you could use the Link Discovery software tool.

Link to Different Parts of Your Website

Only linking to the homepage of a website is a common mistake many link builders make. You should link to your homepage but you should not ignore the other web pages that make up your website. Linking to all of your website pages allows you to rank your whole website for more keywords and your website will become a much better online asset as a result.

Use Different Anchor Texts

‘Variety is the spice of life’ and this is particularly true when it comes to the anchor texts you use when you’re link building. Many people use the same keyword or text, over and over. A better approach is to use a number of different anchor texts. Anchor texts can be branded, generic, natural or include the URL you are sending people to.

The rewards can be huge if you decide to use link building as part of your SEO strategy. Following the tips above will ensure that this online marketing method will give you the results you desire.