As you probably may be aware, by sporadic postings and links I have published at some social media networks, over the past 3-4 months I’m developing a new (online) point of presence! A new point of online presence is not something you develop without proper thinking!  The reasons for that are many!

a new point of online presence

First of all, I wanted a “pure” outlet for my online business activities and second of all I want to develop a business presence would reflect many of the discussions taken place here over the past 2.5 years and provide solutions and pure value to its community!

Ergo the Business Initiative @Business project was born!

Why A New Site?

I’m in the habit of the forecasting for a long time now! It is something I do without thinking and I always try to reassure the resources I think I will need for the implementation of a project, long before I actually (if ever!) need them!

The things are changing! I used to be a management-oriented person, trying to optimize the existing resources, but now I turn to become a marketing and sales maverick. Not a choice actually! There are a lot of reasons for this, not of all I can, quite, explain sufficiently! My site ( is proved more than a personal point of presence and proved itself resilient and successful in more ways than one! But it is focused on me and the things I do or want to make known.

I need a different site the would cover same subjects in a different “angle” providing a solid base of reference for people want to do business in our new digital economy. This new site should be addressed to the “entrepreneur spirit” everyone has and would provide resources and tools for anyone wanted to achieve his/her goals in life.

Sabbatical Views!

My latest Sabbatical was my first real “break” after, I believe, 5-6 years! I’m in the habit of being always “present” for everyone (my family, my associates, my business partners, etc.)

Thatbreaking free” from communication period for more than 3 weeks was, oh well, … exhilarating!

I know, I hear your objections: “yes, but you can do it!” (everyone can actually), “you were planning it for so long now” (guilty as charged), “you can afford it!” (no, actually I cannot!), “you needed!“(yes I did!).

You have right, and at the same time, you have wrong!

I went on Sabbatical because I need the time, the distance, and the space to discuss several things with myself.

There were too many loose ends, un-exploited, dormant, laying around or just forgotten resources, and after a point, all these in relation to the things I was planning to do, start to haunt me!

I have bought many domains in the past (why?), I had bought software or services never I had used before (without any particular reason), I had books in my mind I wanted to write (not because I believe that I am a fantastic writer – actually I am – but because, I think, they contain ideas worth sharing), I need time (quality time) with my family, and many, many more things!

In short, I had things to do and no the time needed! So, I had to expand my margins, my focus, and my horizon! I second the old saying that the “Orbis non sufficit” (The World Is Not Enough) allegedly attributed to James Bond himself. Sometimes, at least!

And for this reason, one site wasn’t, just, enough!

A Time In Transit (more needs & requirements)

I was tinkering with the specific site since I bought the domain and a theme to couple it! At first, I start just to fill in the “white spaces“, pilling page after page, one after the other. I post some things of interest, not suitable for my original site, or rather as supplementary work for the topics discussed on my main site!

At first, it was started as a “pet” project, aiming at proving so many concepts I had in my mind! I use it mainly as a playground for many things I like to port in my main site!

Under the hood” the Business Initiative @Business site holds a lot of “secrets“, and challenges for its users! Secrets to be revealed at the right time!

Among them, there is a new plug-in for online synchronous conferences, new add-ons for basic operations and a suite of tools to help me promote the concepts and ideas share there with a broad audience!

A New Point of Online Presence

My focus for the new site is revolved around 3 basic concepts:

  • business
  • e-Learning
  • startups

These are the main topics, the new site would explore and I, truly hope, you join in!

Its prime function, though, is not to become “another one of the sites“! My goals it to be the center of an active and engaging community of people who would provide true value to the sites’ audience!

For this reason, I will intend to call a lot of people of value to contribute to this effort. But this is something to be done at a later time!

Please, take a look at it, and tell me your thoughts! Or rather, write them here! Thank you a lot for all your attention!