The Book: The Start-Up of You

Reid Hoffman is the co-founder of LinkedIn and with the author Ben Casnocha have developed this wonderful and truly useful, book, called The start-Up of You. The subtitle of this book is more descriptive about the intentions and goals of the authors: Adapt to the Future, Invest in Yourself, and Transform your Career. And they offer an abandon of useful information, insights, knowledge and resources for empower you to that direction.

Actually, the book The Start-Up of You presents some powerful ideas about the management of our careers in the modern knowledge-based economy. Its main position is that the ideas made possible the entrepreneurship practices and contributed to the successful establishment of what we call today “modern business“, if decoded properly and applied specifically, can further promote, amend, adapt or adjust your career.

The Start-Up of You – Executive Summary

The Start-Up of You – Activities Summary

In such a framework of reference, you should take proper actions for:

  • Taking responsibility for your career and for its advancement and assume all the necessary steps for achieving your career goals and objectives (something that signify the resolve or at least the desire for new personal startups!)
  • Contemplating and designing a plan that would facilitate you in the adaptation (something that is inevitable in today’s market realities)
  • Investing in yourself (either via training, knowledge & skills development, personal development, wrong habits amendment, etc)
  • Increasing your visibility in your human network along with sustaining, nourishing and expanding your networks & your relationships with new contacts and people of value,
  • Taking clever and intelligent risks monitoring, observing, creating and exploit suitable opportunities and using the resources provided by your human networks and contacts.

The book The Start-Up of You: Adapt to the Future, Invest in Yourself, and Transform your Career is an excellent book, that makes possible the rational management of your career. In that way, it fully delivers on the promises, described in its subtitle.

In Conclusion

The authors have made every effort to keep the book useful, coherent, current, case-based, intelligent structured and practical for everyone. Furthermore they endow the book with many resources (a site, a video, and various documents, included in the packages), that support and enhance the main messages of the book and can further promote you (and all the other interested persons) in the active transformation of your (their) career.

The Start-Up of You is a truly worthy book, customized and fully adaptable to the modern market conditions. A must read for every intelligent person, either for personal or for professional inquiries!