COVID-19 has had an impact on every industry in the world. From our schools to our eateries – it has affected many of us and stopped us from being able to live a normal life for almost a year.

Now that the pandemic looks to be coming to an end, it is time for us all to look ahead and plan for a successful future.

Many people lost their jobs and businesses due to COVID and the idea of starting a new business post pandemic raises a lot of questions and concerns.

However there are several ways you can create a good business after COVID and we want to show you today how to do it.

Use some of these helpful tips and ideas to get your business rolling this year and find success after the pandemic.

Consider A Home Office

The first consideration you will want to make when starting a business after COVID is whether or not you’ll rent an office space.

Office life has been the norm for many businesses for decades however since 2020 there has been a huge shift toward WFH. It is important to consider the health impact as well as the financial strain an office can put on you as a small business owner and truly consider whether it is worth the hassle at all.

Many companies have been able to settle into home working easily and a lot aren’t looking to go back any time soon. You could also be one of these companies who works remotely from the comfort of your own home and it could make a huge difference to your life.

Make sure that you consider creating a home office that you can permanently work from and it will save you a lot of money and also will cut down on your commute!

Hire Remotely

One thing to ensure when starting a new business post COVID is that you find the best people for every role. By hiring people in the local area only you will limit yourself to the pool of candidates out there – however if you were to instead hire remotely – you have access to many more amazing people.

Hire remotely and hire people from anywhere in the country to take your business to the next level.

What you will notice by hiring remotely is that you’ll get less sick days and time off because people won’t feel as stressed when commuting to and from an office. As long as people can wrap up and be comfortable at home they will be less likely to take days off sick.


One brilliant way to get the ball rolling on a small business post COVID is to outsource for some of the more fundamental roles. For example, you might want to consider hiring an accountant, a marketing agency, or perhaps even sales reps to help you reach your goals in those early months.

Invest In Social Media

When looking to market a new business it is so important to take on social media and utilize it to its full potential.

Social media is a powerhouse of marketing and it is also free unless you choose a boost your posts. You can build a loyal following with consistent content and sales promotions in one place without putting a strain on your wallet.

Try making yourself a social media calendar that always works 2-4 weeks ahead and consists of links to your products, fun facts, video content, and images. Look to your competitors to see the kind of content they share and take inspiration from this.

Social media is an important marketing tool and you should make the most of it to build your online presence post COVID.

Add Live Chat To Your Website

A great website is exactly what every company needs to succeed. If you are looking to be a step above the rest though – adding live chat for website is a great idea and will draw people to you instead of your competitors.

Live chat is a great way for people to interact with you in real time and it will allow them to ask questions about products or services that you provide. By being able to talk to you straight away – a customer is more likely to make a purchase so this is something that is important for you to note.

Adding this feature to your website can put you ahead of the rest and will make you more likely to succeed.

Make Your Content SEO Friendly

It is important when trying to make waves in your industry that you consider making your content SEO friendly. SEO will improve the visibility of your website and content and will allow people to find you more easily amongst the sea of other similar companies.

It is an important thing to consider and will make a huge difference to your website traffic and also your sales.

Reduce Costs

When trying to create a successful business the main aim is to make more money than you spend.

Make sure that you try everything you can to reduce your costs every day within the business such as buying cheaper supplies, manufacturing overseas, or reducing paper wastage.

There are lots of ways to reduce the costs of running a business and it is so important that you take these into account before you begin.

Make A Happy Workplace

If you choose to work from an office after COVID, it is important to make your workplace a happy and positive place.

No more stuffy cubicles and strict micromanaging – because all this will do is increase the stress your employees feel and will ultimately make them ill. Make sure to employ a flexible and positive work culture where people can go and take their lunch breaks when they are ready, and people can choose which hours they want to work.

You can also consider adding in a WFH scheme to allow people the choice to work in whichever way is the most comfortable for them.

Connect With Other Businesses

It is a good idea as a small business owner to consider connecting with other businesses in order to try and collaborate as well as gain some useful connections in your industry.

Doing this can be incredibly helpful and will allow you to gain insights as well as advice.

Use A PR Company

PR can be helpful for a small company – and if you are looking to gain some traction in your industry press releases can be very useful and make people stop and take notice of you.

Consider thinking about PR for your business and hire an outside agency to take care of it for you.

Create A Content Plan

Content is an important thing to consider as a new business from articles to videos and other types of content on your website.

Consider creating a content plan that provides useful and engaging content to your followers throughout the year to keep them interested and ensure that they remember you and your brand.

Building an audience in a content based way is important and it will allow you to build a loyal customer base who will choose you over your competitors.

Be Accessible

As a small business it is a great idea to stay accessible at all times to your customers. You can do this by offering things such as live chat on your website as well as considering 24/7 customer service for your customers.

Being accessible and convenient is what people look for in a business and they are more likely to buy from you if you are!