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If you are looking to drive more conversions on your company’s website, you can’t simply rely on content marketing or the design status quo to drive sales. Every ecommerce website should use a variety of WordPress plugins that will complete the job toward sales.

Five WordPress Plugins for Higher Website Conversions

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Which ones should you use? There are 5 plugins that will help you convert more today.

#1. Omnisend

omnisend woocommerce plugin

Selecting the right WordPress plugins can make the difference between readers and customers. Omnisend is a powerful multi-level marketing tool that helps you get your message to your targeted audience at the right time.

You can count on Omnisend to send relevant communications by SMS, email or retargeting ads that will reach your customers at appropriate times. It’s your one-step plugin shop that will make easier work of your marketing efforts while helping you to gain new customers.

Creating attractive campaigns is simple through the drag-and-drop builder. You can try their comprehensive suite of plugins for free before you decide to buy.

#2. WordPress Call to Action

WordPress Call to Action

Nothing is stronger than a call to action, commonly known as a CTA. It can take many different forms, such as asking customers to request a free quote or asking for a free sample of a product. Include a bright, but not overly ostentatious button that will encourage customers to click and provide information on which you can follow up.

You have the ability to use a WordPress template or create one of your own. In addition, you can monitor your conversion rates by including A/B split testing, which allows you to test two different CTAs to see which works better.

#3. OptinMonster


One of the most effective ways to get more leads is through email. Through OptinMonster, you can encourage visitors to get regular information from you for specific campaigns or general mailings.

This plugin is easy to use for both novice and intermediate WordPress users. It also gives your audience an easy-to-use form, integrates with other marketing services while also providing you detailed analytics.

#4. WordPress Landing Pages

WordPress Landing Pages

Landing pages link to a specific product on your website. It’s a great tool to use in conjunction with the aforementioned Call to Action plugin. These two plugins sync together, which will allow you to track conversions at each step.

WordPress Landing Pages lets you build a custom page that includes elements such as customer reviews along with details about how they will benefit from the product and what add-ons are generally available. No coding skills are necessary and you’ll also have the ability to perform several A/B test for each page section that will allow you to determine what wording is prompting customers to buy.

#5. WordPress Local SEO

WordPress Local SEO

Do you want more conversions in certain locations in your market? If so Local SEO is the plugin that will help meet your goals. WordPress Local SEO plugin will help to optimize local organic searches through SEO. Small- and medium-sized business often ignore local SEO in favor of more generalized terms.

This WordPress plugin is ideal for marketers that have a traditional presence as a brick-and-mortar store along with an online marketing presence. Targeting local SEO will help more local customers find you.

WordPress Local SEO II


There’s a reason why WordPress is the top choice of content management systems (CMS) for anyone who needs a great website. One of the biggest reasons comes down to standardization and the plugins you can install for a ton of extra features.

While this list of plugins isn’t exhaustive, it should help you navigate through finding the best ones for your conversion rate.