To build a successful business, whether it is a small enterprise or a large corporate, you must have a good team on board. Your employees should all be geared towards achieving the same company objective and striving to keep the business mission statement alive.

Your business is only as good as your weakest employee. Hopefully, your weakest employee is the newbie who is motivated to learn quickly and strive for the end goal – your company’s goal.

Taking stock of how your business currently operates and where improvements can be made is a crucial exercise which should happen at least annually. Any business strategy should focus on how to improve on the bottom line and the company culture.

Streamline Your Processes

Often in smaller businesses, employees tend to do more than their fair share of work until the company can grow and employ more people. Think of investing in smart automated systems that can streamline invoicing, data capturing, etc. to lessen the workload for certain individuals.

Efficiency Leaders are geared to help with such processes or automation no matter the size of your company. There is always a need for intelligent technology within the workforce to increase productivity and improve workflow methods.

Getting feedback from your team on which processes are lacking in productivity or on how to improve certain business modules is a great way to start. Once you have streamlined certain processes and workflows in the company, you can start looking at ways to keep your employees contented and motivated at work.


Often, especially in larger companies, it is not possible to have a weekly staff get-together to gauge the company morale and get feedback from your team. In these instances, being approachable via email or an internal communications platform is a good idea.

When you do have feedback sessions, it is important to take note of what your team members are trying to convey, more importantly, not only to listen to them but to hear what they are saying. Take suggestions or criticism seriously and provide feedback on the matter when you have come up with a resolution.

Appropriate Platforms

Having some sort of internal communications platform is essential to keeping your finger on the pulse of your business. Not being able to communicate properly within your organization can lead to misunderstandings, poor teamwork and, ultimately, a loss in productivity and revenue.

Implementing a digital communication platform meant only for your employees is often necessary especially as your company grows and team meetings are no longer possible. If you have an intranet for your company, ensure it is user-friendly, up to date with information and allows a platform for measuring the wellness of your team from time to time.

Employees who feel appreciated will take less time off work, be motivated to achieve better results and keep the morale up of fellow team members. Engaged and content employees are just as important as the profit margins of a company, in fact without a focussed workforce, the margins may be dismal.