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Companies rely on popular growth hacks to drive their business forward.

Content marketing, customer retargeting, and social media campaigns are only a few of them.

They are usually optimized through the power of automation, which makes them even more effective. The problem is, everyone is using them.

Four Ways You Can Use Quizzes as a Business Growth Hack

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To stay competitive, you not only need to be smart, but it’s also crucial for your business to be original as well.

Quizzes provide an untapped potential that you can leverage both internally and externally.

Here’s why you should consider them as your next business growth hack, as well as how to deploy them for customer retention and employee satisfaction.

1. Customer Satisfaction Quiz

Customer Satisfaction Quiz

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Improvements are the key to business growth, don’t you agree?

The only question is:

How do you know what aspects of your company’s offer need to be improved and in which way? Sure, you can track ROI for every individual product and service to determine your best-sellers. But this won’t tell you what’s wrong with your less popular products.

How about asking your customers directly?

After all, direct feedback is the only true indicator of customer satisfaction.

Why Are Quizzes the Best Way of Generating Feedback?

Satisfied or not, all customers have opinions that they want to express.

So why don’t they?

Sometimes, leaving feedback is hard. Unless the customer is very frustrated, they won’t spend more time communicating with your brand than they have to.

In other cases, they are simply not engaged enough – they are merely satisfied with the brand’s service, not delighted.

It’s different with quizzes.

They are fun, engaging, and time-efficient. Instead of having to fill out forms or write reviews, your customers can spend a minute or two choosing the right answers from the prepared options.

Plus, they can take a quiz on your website, social media page, or your app.

2. Fun Employee Quizzes

The same applies to your in-house satisfaction strategy.

Studies reveal that 79% of people who quit their jobs cite “lack of appreciation” as their reason for leaving. Think about those who stay behind.

Employees who feel unimportant and unvalued can never contribute to your company’s growth in a way you need them to.

This is why employee feedback is the core of professional growth.

By encouraging your employees to speak up and express their thoughts and ideas, you’re inviting them to be a part of your company culture and letting them know that their professional input matters.

It’s no wonder that this raises productivity and team cohesion.

For a vast number of employees, recognition is the number one incentive.

Do you know what motivates your staff?

How Can Quizzes Boost Your Employees’ Satisfaction?

They can tell you exactly what your employees expect from your company.

Using a simple Online quiz maker, you can create interesting quizzes that your employees will love taking.

Unlike other employee satisfaction feedback techniques, they won’t take much of their time but they will still give them an opportunity to express their true feelings.

3. Customer Retention Quizzes

Customer Retention

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Social media, email newsletters, SMS.

When it comes to marketing, most companies choose the mainstream approach, and that’s okay.

We don’t dare say that the aforementioned techniques aren’t effective. What we’re saying is, they are not the only successful marketing channels out there.

There are also quizzes.

As a marketing tool, they serve a two-fold purpose:

  • They promote your brand and help you reach out to new niche audiences.
  • At the same time, they collect data and generate insight into customers.

Though underappreciated, quiz marketing can help your business grow without the usual cost of social media ads, email marketing automation, or SMS campaigns.

The only thing you need a basic quiz maker and a couple of good topic ideas.

How Can Quizzes Help You Retain Your Customers?

Unlike other marketing techniques, quizzes are not aggressive. They don’t work like your typical ads, nor do they engage in any kind of direct promotion. On the contrary, they provide an opportunity for marketing through association.

In other words, they merely remind your customers that you’re there.

This subtle approach makes them a very effective retargeting technique.

Your inactive customer will take a quiz to find out something new and fun about their personality, and your brand logo will casually pop up under the second question, reminding them to visit your website.

4. Post-Training Quizzes

The Research Institute of America found that eLearning boosts retention rates 25% to 60% while retention rates of face-to-face training are very low in comparison – only 8% to 10%.

This is because online training allows for self-paced learning paths.

And while corporate training serves to pass your company’s know-how onto new hires, a series of post-training activities should ensure a successful knowledge transfer.

That way, your new employees will be able to apply what they’ve learned in everyday practice.

Quizzes can help them with that.

As a post-training activity, they serve to consolidate employee knowledge.

Why Are Quizzes an Effective Knowledge Retention Tool?

Assessments are the best way to determine how much your employees have learned during their training program and how well they are retaining the information in their memory.

With quizzes, you can identify all this, plus potential knowledge gaps that you need to address.

Here’s why quizzes so convenient for post-training assessment:

  • As a micro-learning technique, they are perfect for short attention spans.
  • They are very engaging thanks to multi-media content such as video and images.

And here’s how to create an effective post-training quiz:

  • Opt for open-ended questions to boost knowledge retention.
  • Ask task and skill-based questions to evaluate their performance.


A single quiz maker can help you learn more about what your customers want and create a retention strategy that will make them return to you again and again.

At the same time, it can equip you with all the insight you need for building a strong and productive company culture.

Employ this all-in-one hack and grow your business from within and externally.