This article has been written by Lisa Griffin. Lisa is a professional content writer and SEO specialist. In her career, she has to deal with backlinks as with an integral part of the SEO optimization all the time. Liza claims that not only aspiring SEO professionals, but also many “old-timers” from this industry, not to mention the usual users, face numerous difficulties with getting quality backlinks from Web 2.0 and in this post, she will give you some valuable advice on how to do it wisely and effectively!

Do you know how to get backlinks from Web 2.0? SEO specialists have been using web 2.0 links to get higher rankings on their website for quite a long time, and even today, it is considered as a useful tool for optimization. Creating a Web 2.0 blog is quite simple. Why is it needed?

Get Backlinks From Web 2.0

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Such source contains a few good articles and is filled with backlinks to the main website that you want to promote, which helps to increase the traffic on your main site.

However, it is not as simple as it used to be (sometimes you need excellent knowledge on your topics, a solid strategy and the right tool to avoid the pitfalls!) The searching engines have noticed that people were using this method to increase their websites’ ranks faster and today, there are certain penalties that are applied to the sites that are suspected of this.

The articles you provide to your customers or readers have to be informative, engaging, and of the top quality or otherwise, all the efforts and time you’ve spent will be wasted!

How to reach the excellent quality of content? You can find additional hints and assistance at this website!

Although the penalties are tough, it is a useful tool for ranking. If you choose and apply the right backlink strategy in 2017, the received results will be even higher than the efforts you put to reach the goal! But never forget that risks are high as well.

This article and tips contained in it will help you find the most effective ways to get backlinks from Web 2.0 and avoid penalties from Google.

Do You Want To Get Backlinks? Take It Slow!

There’s no way to get backlinks or developed quality backlinks in a hurry! In an attempt to get all at once, some people make a huge mistake and start adding an excessive number of links, which is the worst SEO tactics!

Every article or other provided content has to have value for the readers, which explains why there is no “magic button” using which you could get enough links in a few seconds.

Get Backlinks From Web 2.0 - SEO

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Of course, there are companies that offer solutions. Such services will promise you a huge number of backlinks from high-quality websites only for “a few dollars,” but I recommend avoiding such companies.

As a rule, using their services causes lots of harm and does not help at all!

Increase Your Social Presence!

Although this step does not have lots to do with our main goal and it can’t explain to you how to get backlinks to your site, it is a crucial stage in the process of ranking your website!

Try to increase your social presence by creating accounts on relevant sites. Also, you should have profiles on some of the major platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn or Business Page by Google.

Make sure to provide all the important information about you and your business! It is a good idea to write a short text on how you stand out from the crowd of competitors.

Try to make posts on all social media platforms at least a few times a week to help your target audience find you and keep up with all of the updates and thus, you will become a bit more noticeable on the Internet.

Get Backlinks From Web 2.0 - Social Media

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Also, consider starting a blog. Providing informative and quality articles that contain some well-researched keywords will also boost your ranking, while an active and popular blog will create your brand’s image.

Keep in mind that starting a blog is not easy! You have to make it relevant to your field and share some really valuable and useful information with your readers – only then it will bring you more readers and, as a consequence – more potential clients! And it is important to make each post well-optimized!

Create Personal Accounts For Getting Quality Backlinks!

Having your company’s accounts all set up, it is time to create your private profiles with your personal email and real name. Using this profile, you can communicate with the target audience, create new connections, participate in discussions, share interesting information related to your niche, etc.

This will help you be closer to your customers. Besides, people like to know that a particular brand has a “face” – a real person who presents it and can answer the questions of the users.

However, do not make it too promotional – keep in mind that it is your private account and it should not be all about your products and company!

Make Third-Party Pages!

The best way to create or get backlinks for your main site is to set up and promote some additional pages that would be affiliated with your website but, at the same time, appear to the users as third-party pages.

This is working tactics. However, it also has many pitfalls to keep in mind.

First of all, using such pages, you should avoid adding too many keywords or making direct promotion of your products or site in the posts. You also should not post “empty” information that has no value!

On the contrary, you have to create an engaging community that offers significant and interesting content, and only occasionally link it to your main platform to contribute to promotion!

The number of such promotional posts should be limited. Ideally – do not make more than four of such posts in a week!

These accounts can be created on any platforms including Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram, YouTube, BlogSpot or any other social media platform that you like and find useful.

The platform you choose is not as important as the content that you offer! What kind of posts should you provide? It does not matter that much as long as you do something that your target customers are interested in and find useful/engaging!

This means that you will have to do some research. Before starting such a page, you have to examine the interests of your audience and try to understand their needs – then you will know what type of information you should deliver!

What To Avoid?

Now you have a general idea of how to create backlinks manually, but here are a few additional useful tips that will preserve you from making a big mistake and getting into trouble:

  1. Using “specialized services” to make your links or accounts more popular – the majority of companies that offer such assistance don’t tell you about the possible risks and of course, don’t mention how much it can hurt;
  2. Writing an article for Wikipedia – creating your brand’s own page on the Wikipedia is often a bad idea if your brand is not yet popular because such posts can be deleted;
  3. Creating fake profiles – do not do it to avoid penalties, the best idea is to create a few profiles and make them attractive and high-quality than have tons of useless accounts!

Final Words

Each tip provided above can be very effective if you approach it wisely and keep the balance between the backlinks and other helpful SEO strategies! Also, one of the main rules is the high quality of content that you deliver!