Being quoted by the media as being an expert in your industry is a better kind of branding than even the most expensive of advertising and marketing campaigns.

How to Establish Yourself as an Industry Expert

Journalists and bloggers are constantly on the hunt for resources for their stories. They’re always searching for people who can speak intelligently about specific topics.

If you’re well-versed in your field and have a lot to say, it’s time for you to connect the dots.

Follow these strategies to put yourself in front of the right people in order to maximise your exposure to both print and online articles.

Answer Questions

Providing information and interesting answers to people’s questions regarding your field of expertise is a great way to start putting yourself and your knowledge out there for further exposure.

Sites such as Quora connect people with questions to answers, and if you take the time to browse such sites you’ll probably find a few questions that you’re willing to answer.

Reach Out

There is absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t reach out to a journalist and introduce yourself. However, it’s important that you keep it genuine.

It’s a good idea to mention an article of theirs that you really enjoyed reading, and let them know that should they ever need to consult an expert in your field, you’ll be willing to help.

You could also develop a relationship beforehand by following the journalist on social media and leaving comments on their articles online.


Blogging is a brilliant way to showcase your knowledge, and if your content is interesting and informational, you’ll soon be on your way to being recognized as an expert.

You should set up a professionally designed blog, with your own domain name in order to be taken seriously in the industry.

You can choose from hosted websites such as WordPress, or self-host your site through a best web hosting service.

Keep your blog updated regularly, and link your posts to all of your social media pages in order to gain a wider audience.

If you’re following any journalists, you might find it’s a good idea to share your content with them and see if they’d like to report on something related.

Be Social

People don’t get recognized as experts in their field if they are hiding under a rock.

In order to be recognized, you’ll need to put yourself out there and make your voice be heard.

Along with blogging, social media is also an excellent way to do this.

On top of that, social media platforms such as Twitter are often the best places to get in touch with bloggers, journalists, and reporters who might one day need to consult you for your expertise.

If they don’t know where to find you, you’ll never get a chance.

Question: Are you an expert in your field? What steps do you take in order to be recognized? If you’ve been recognized as an expert, how has this had an impact on your business or career? We’d love to hear from you in the comments.