Have you ever wondered why your team had bouts of unproductiveness or lack of motivation when you were in the office? There are always a lot of factors when employees show demotivation: Maybe they’re going through a tough time in their personal lives, or maybe they’re starting to reconsider their career path-but whatever the reason, it’s our job as employers and managers to eliminate the conditions that trigger or aggravate their lack of energy or productivity at work.

If your company is gearing up for returning to the office this 2021, resolve to eradicate the seemingly minor hazards in your office. They may seem small, but they can actually impact your employees in negative ways. Here are some factors you need to get on top of before you and your team return to the traditional workspace.

Poor Internet Connection or Old PC Systems

I don’t know about you, but I personally feel incredibly demotivated when my work PC acts up or when my internet connection is dodgy. This is a phenomenon that’s actually supported by science-a study of 2,000 employees in the United Kingdom found that they lose 262 hours and 43 minutes each year due to tech failures and faults. The majority of workers experienced a decrease in productivity due to those failures. When our IT hardware lets workers down, they lose precious time that they can never get back, and they’re more likely to get distracted by external factors.

An Inefficient Internal Communication System

Another hazard that you need to eliminate is the poor internal communication system in the office. Internal communications are an invaluable part of your company because they keep your people properly informed, allow your employees to easily reach each other, and provide another dimension to your workplace. Every office needs the right internal communications tools that are trusty and reliable, like the Zycoo IP phone system solutions, which can help you and your team communicate and collaborate through unified communications and structured cabling solutions. With the right tools, you can help your employees get more done in the workplace.


It’s been said that the state of our living conditions is a reflection of our current mental state, but the reverse can also be true: How our environment can influence the state of our mental and emotional state. If your employees return to an office that’s inundated with old documents, expired food, worn-out books, and other non-essential items, they might lose the motivation and excitement to return to a traditional work set-up. Consider doing a thorough clean-up before you let your team back into the building, and allow them to feel that this is a new beginning for the entire company by saying goodbye to papers and other old items the business no longer needs.

Substandard Lighting

A study conducted by the American Society of Interior Design (ASID) found that 68% of employees were unhappy with how their offices were lit. It greatly impacted not just their productivity but also their mood. It shows that where lighting is concerned, it’s not just an issue of personal taste; it’s also a matter of ergonomics.

Artificial light causes problems because it can cause eye strain and discomfort in the employees when it’s too dim or too bright. Combat this by finding ways to incorporate more natural light into your workplace. Remove obstructions, install bigger windows, and leave blinds and curtains open to bring in more natural light. While it’s not the complete alternative to overhead fixtures, natural light can greatly improve your employees’ satisfaction and productivity levels.

Indoor Air Pollution

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has named indoor air pollution as one of the top five environmental hazards of our day. When it’s inside our homes or workplace, they can be five times more toxic than outdoor air. It can increase our risk of illnesses because of the high concentration of toxins, causing potential harm to your employees and might cause them to be sick. Multiple studies have also found that when indoor air quality is poor in an office, worker productivity drops by 6 to 9%. Prevent this by maintaining your HVAC system regularly and having your indoor air quality inspected by experts.

The Bottom Line

You don’t need to spend too much to improve your office before your employees return. You can make small changes one at a time, especially since you may only be allowed a limited number of workers back into the workplace as long as the pandemic is in full swing. Do right by your skeleton workforce and see just how much their productivity, motivation, and energy level increases.