Have you ever try out any marketing promotion ideas using food and drink? No? If you are looking for a way to promote your business which is new and fun, you may want to think about the one thing which makes pretty much everyone happy: food.

Marketing Promotion Ideas Using Food and Drink

Image Source: Pixabay

Food and drink are things which everyone loves and you can be really creative with how you use them. Here are some unique ideas on how you can use food and drink to promote your business.

To The Movies

For any movie brand or an entertainment brand, a fun idea for a promotion would be to send out a voucher for a movie along with a bag of popcorn!

You will likely be able to get your company logo and information printed onto a bag, and you will certainly make a positive impression on your audience.

Easter Egg Promotion

Before easter comes, you can make the most of this huge holiday and create personalized easter eggs.

You could either work with a confectioner and create a promotion together, or simply buy your own eggs and decorate them yourself! It depends on the size of your promotion and the type of people you are selling too.

Drink Up!

As a health brand or a sporting brand, a fun way to encourage your audience to drink enough water would be to personalize some stand-up pouch packaging with your logo plus a message to encourage your audience to stay healthy.

Halloween Trick Or Treat

Collect some printed pick and mix bags and create a fun promotion for Halloween.

You can randomly create two different types of bags which say either trick or treat them.

Fill them up with retro sweets from when you were a child and plant some fake spiders and other creepy crawlies into the trick bag.

These will be a fun way to celebrate the spooky season of Halloween with your audience as well as reminiscing about old sweets.

A Refreshing Idea

Ever heard of the sweet called a refresher? Why not use this as a fun idea to get the message across that you can offer a fresh, fun solution to their issues.

You could send out a bag of refreshers or if you are on a budget simply create a flyer with a refresher stuck in the front.

It is a cheap way to get a simple message across and give people something to eat for elevenses.

A Festive Gift

During the festive season, we love to give back, and you can use this time of the year to give a fun food or drink gift to your audience along with a voucher or a sample product.

It is important to say thank you to your customers every so often, and the festive period is the ideal time to do it.

A fun idea would be to personalize a bunch of mugs with your logo and a fun festive image, and then add a few hot chocolate sachets for them to enjoy on those cold winter nights, you can even add some mini marshmallows for an extra touch.