A trade show or corporate event is a big moment for just about any business. It’s also one that can put the pressure on. This is your opportunity to really make a splash and spread the name of your business. A disastrous showing can not only waste that opportunity but negatively affect the reputation of the company. But stop stressing out. It’s not too difficult rock the socks off your next event. These are the strategies you need to employ.

At Your Next Event

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Get The Hype Rolling

Having a presence at the trade show isn’t enough by itself. You want to make sure that you have people with a focus on coming to see you. So you need to build anticipation. Get this done beforehand with announcements of what you’re going to have on the show. Keep your social media on point with teasers that will catch interest. As you get closer, get in touch with influencers and give them a preview of what you’re going to be displaying. Even at the event, bring attention to your presence. Partner up with other attendants at quiet times and live-tweet what one another are doing. The more attention you bring to them, the more you get due to proximity.

At Your Next Event - Design

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Get Organized Before You Get There

The logistics of a trade show might just be one of the most stressful aspects. But it doesn’t have to be. For one, you can easily take away the worry of physically setting yourself up. Companies that provide turnkey services get your exhibit set up without you. Leaving you free to organize the other parts of the trip. Get it set up early, so you know the budget for your travel. Set a schedule for everyone who’s going to be there. Team meetings, press events and more should be organized ahead of time. That way it’s easier to see when things are running seamlessly.

At Your Next Event - Talkers

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Make Sure You Got Your Best Talkers With You

Organization isn’t all that’s going to save the day. You need a healthy dose of personal charisma to go with it. Make sure you have your best salespeople with you. Note that a salesperson doesn’t just cajole people into buying something. They’re the people who are most personable, most professional and know the most about the subject they’re talking about. Every business has those people who aren’t as interested in the product as they are their job. By all means, don’t let them anywhere near other people. They’re your administrative assistants, not your marketing superstars. Then make sure said superstars take notes on who they talk and remember to follow up. A successful trade event doesn’t exist for its own sake. It leads you to further opportunities down the road.

Having a great trade show or corporate event is all about approaching it from every angle. Before, during and after. Build expectations and make sure that everything is good to go on the ground to meet them. Make sure your best people are doing the talking and following up on any opportunities. Get that all done successfully and you’ll be looking forward to your next show.

Question: What are you doing when you are preparing for an event? What rituals or process do you use for your preparation? What would you do for your next live event? Please, take some time and write your thoughts and your ideas, in the comments section, below!