Ninja Outreach is a tool can help you find influencers and automate all the outreach activities of your blog or company. It is an integrated platform, providing all the required tools to help you not just connect with all major players in your niche market, but also to expand your influence, traffic and conversion rates on autopilot.

Ninja Outreach

A Short History Lesson

Do you know Hattori Hanzo? Perhaps you would hear of him either because of his relationship with Tokugawa Ieyasu or because you have heard his name in the movies, in a popular film (Kill Bill: Vol. 1 (2003)) as a person of value! Historically speaking, though its close relationship with Tokugawa Ieyasu and his role as his ninja chief gave him a place in history either as a master tactician or as a person who saved Ieyasu.

Its role as ninja chief is not very clear, but his outreached skills of his and his men was unparalleled. As the capabilities a more modern agent, a software actually provides you today. A software which can help you not only to review the impact of your articles and blog post but can also provide you all the necessary capabilities to connect with the people that really matter in your niche market and your profession.

This piece of software is the Ninja Outreach!

NinjaOutreach - Prospecting Search

Ninja Outreach

Ninja Outreach is, at first sight, an integrated suite of tools can help you check the competition, make friends, develop new connections and get contact with really influencing people in your industry.

NinjaOutreach - Social Influencers

You can compare it with tools as Buzzsumo, but then you would miss a lot of things, since Ninja Outreach does not limit to check on the influence of content and people, but goes a step further.

NinjaOutreach - Your Prospect (list)

It provides you all the tools to connect with them in a way, can help you to develop relationships that matter to you and your business.

NinjaOutreach - Inbox Mode (before it was check and send email)

For Whom Is It For?

Ninja Outreach is a “Swiss knife” able to serve the most demanding requests of the modern growth hackers, searching to squeeze out every capability existed in data for extra traffic, outreach, conversion and list building. And this particular tool pose as the ideal candidate for something like that (as Hatori Hanzo and ninja clans were among the strategies of Tokugawa Ieyasu!)

NinjaOutreach - Create Template

Ninja Outreach has been designed by digital marketers for marketers. It has many features, as you say, but it is especially good for:

  • entrepreneurs,
  • platform developers,
  • leaders & influencers,
  • bloggers,
  • digital marketers,
  • startups owners,
  • small business owners,
  • freelancers,
  • content experts,
  • community and outreach managers,
  • agencies and consultants,
  • writers,
  • big brands, and of course,
  • growth hackers.

Ninja Outreach Features

Ninja Outreach is a social media CRM can help you to:

  • perform lead generation in an integrated and easy to use environment
  • have one working environment for all your outreach requirements with notifications, various automation, focused lists, list management, etc.
  • develop highly successful outreach and conversion campaigns where that has important for your industry
  • use your browser as outreach and contact environment, via its browser extension
  • narrow your search within your niche market, finding the most influential representatives
  • develop your own templates for communicating with your prospects and business leads you to want to connect with
  • track all your contacts with your team
  • outreach more bloggers and persons of influence in your market
  • find guest posts & podcast guests with major influence in your niche for your blog or site promote your content in an effective and consistent way
  • promote your content in an effective and consistent way
  • collect and manage your contacts (including dynamic notes, tags, email history, and RSS feed)
  • organizing effectively your contacts and your campaigns using a variety of filters, tags and methods of organizations and data presenting
  • gather more intelligence on specific points using advanced data drilling techniques with filters including many valuable metrics (SEO, special posts, etc. are just some of them)
  • do a lot easier Twitter & Instagram prospecting without many tools in the way
  • perform content research, link building, cold emailing
  • enhance your marketing reach and effectiveness
  • connect with real influencers, key agents and persons of interest for your business
  • automatically launch email campaigns for marketing and outreach purposes with personalized and custom HTML templates, and tracking the results of your campaign
  • measure the impact of the launched campaigns against your strategies using a mixture of metrics

Do you want to know more about Ninja Outreach? Well, you should check the video below for that:

Are you impressed? Yes, I know, so am I! Why don’t you go to their site and take a closer look? The results may astonish you!

Action Item: Ninja Outreach is an excellent tool can help you effectively all your outreach and content marketing efforts! Get a free trial account, check it out and write your ideas, comments, and hacks to the comment section.