Do you want to run a successful business? If so, you’ll no doubt have a good idea of how to achieve that goal. For a start, you’ll offer some exciting products and services to your customers. And your customer service will also be second to none. When it comes to employees, your staff get paid well and enjoy an array of benefits.

Office Design

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That all sounds like a winning formula, don’t you think? There’s just one problem. Many business leaders seldom think about their office design! Yes, it might sound like a trivial point to raise. But, you have to remember this is where your workers will spend much of their day. And it’s also the place where your customers might visit and meet with you.

With any modern business, it’s important that their office design is fresh and inspiring. It must foster creativity and efficiency. Above all, it must be a safe environment for all that use it. If you’ve put zero thought into your office design, it probably sucks more than the new Star Wars movie.

Want to turn your bad office design into a paragon of style? Look no further, because you have come to the right place! Here are some of the reasons why your current setup doesn’t work, and how you can put things right:

Your office is as dark as a cave

It doesn’t matter what work your staff carries out each day. They need to see what they are doing! If your office has poor illumination, your office won’t feel very inspiring. Plus, the chances of workplace accidents happening at your premises will rise!

The answer here is simple: improve your lighting! For a start, upgrade the existing lights in your office. And perhaps add some extra lighting in places like open-plan spaces. Just don’t go overboard with your new lights or you could start making people feel ill. Take a look at the Decoist website for some ideas.

Your office furniture was only trendy (and comfortable) in 1973

People that work behind a desk all day need comfortable chairs to sit on. And they must also have desks that offer plenty of storage and working space.

Another thing you need to consider is that your furniture fits in well with your design scheme. Check out places like Turnco for some contemporary furniture for your office.

Office Design - Modern Furniture

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You forgot to add some private spaces

It seems that the business world has fully embraced the idea of open-plan working. Sure, it’s an excellent way to get your staff talking to each other. And it makes it easier for several people to collaborate on projects together.

What happens when you need to have private meetings with staff and other people? Do you have to go outside to do that? Having at least one private space in your office is important! Thankfully, it’s not hard to add in a private area to any office space.

Your reception area is more like a dentist’s waiting room

The last thing to consider is the area where your visitors will see first. In business, it’s important to make the right first impression. Make sure your reception area is fresh, vibrant and comfortable.

Don’t skimp on things like refreshments and free Wi-Fi access. Last, but not least, ensure your reception staff is friendly and welcoming.