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An Online E-commerce store business is not difficult to start, but it is difficult to sustain and maintain a loyal customer base. There are different business strategies for each e-commerce business segment.

Online E-commerce Business (Mobile)

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Though, there are some great e-commerce players like Amazon which sells many products in many categories.

However, customers are more turning towards specialized e-commerce store for buying also. If you want to start a specialized e-commerce business, an online mobile store is a good option.

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# 1 – Analyze The Market For Building An Effective E-Commerce Business

  • It is important and critical to conduct an online and offline market research on the geographical area to understand the demand and supply game.
  • It is critical to understand the gaps and also find the overall business worth by comparing the total population with per capita income spent on electrical goods.
  • You must find out the buying patterns and categorize the users on the basis of the per capita income spent on these goods. It will help you to prepare the sales, marketing, and budgeting plan and understand the investment required.
  • You should also analyze and find the top items people buy in the mobile segment.
  • Are they more interested in buying a particular mobile handset or buy accessories like External Battery Charger/ USB Charging Hub online?
  • If you see a particular headset has gained more popularity, you must contact the phone company and suggest a marketing plan drive leads.
  • This plan should include the number of infographics and other campaigns to launch a phone with the online sale or exclusive offers.
  • Amazon has also tied up with many mobile providers and does special promotion by building branding material, advertising pages, and information to help increases leads and conversions. So, you can also make specific plans.
  • Once you have done the research, it is important to do business research also. For your site to be on top, you require good domain authority, link building, and advertising revenue. You must hire a digital marketing expert to prepare a separate plan.
  • One more important thing is to keep on improvising the plan as per the present condition. A product, marketing, content, and graphics manager experienced in designing customer engaging user experience ideas should in your team to keep the visitors engaged all the time.

# 2 – Concentrate On User Experience

  • It is important to concentrate on the user experience. If a customer wishes to buy a product, the site must provide intuitive, fast, and seamless access to the product from mobile, laptops, and tablets in minimum possible time.
  • The site must be intelligent to see the buying patterns and suggest product silently in the background to make the task easier.
  • For example – If a user has bought a phone and other accessories from the site, the site must recommend him to Buy Power Bank Online to charge the mobile easily while traveling.
  • You can send SMS notifications, e-mailers, social media notifications, and offers to the customers. It is critical to keep it informational and not mix sales oriented content to attract the customers as they will ignore them.

# 3 – Safety And Security

# 4 – Wallet Feature

  • It is critical to add wallet feature on the site so that customers can load money and buy HDMI Switches or other concurrent mobile products easily.
  • If you are a wholesaler and want to open a retailer pricing also, the wallet is a good option as the retailer will want to buy in bulk without going through the hassle of purchasing products again and again.
  • Customized discount offers are a good option for special customers to ensure they become a loyal customer.

# 5 – Loyalty Scheme

  • It is important to have a point and reward based scheme where you can send a surprise gift to your great customer and also give them points to get more discount.
  • Surprise gift delivery can actually win the customers for the long run. It can also help the customers to share their feedback with others to increase customer base in the most natural manner.

# 6- Social Media And Conclusion

  • You get real people in social media. So, you must engage with people in the social media to ensure that they know about the site and build relationships and awareness.
  • You must give them goodies and also ‘entertain’ them with daily offers.
  • In a nutshell, if you have a mobile-friendly site and follow the above 6 methods, you will see a rise in the product sales and brand awareness.
  • Also, you must pay attention to the graphics and font of the site as it must be similar to the theme of a mobile store and should ‘feel’ like a local mobile store.
  • It is one of the most important facts to win customers and engage them quietly and smartly.