There are times, things go in the wrong direction and you strive after for ways that would permit you to regain your momentum. Is not always an easy task. Regaining your momentum, the most of the times is an intended and conscious effort that needs to re-invested every time you think, that you need it!

Regain Your Momentum

What “Regain Your Momentum” Actually Means?

“Momentum” is a force that makes things that are moving continue to move. (In: keep up the momentum)

Momentum is a physical entity, signifies our intrinsic nature for a constant movement. To regain your momentum, today, as an expression, a wish and as a trend, generally means, to develop a set of features, skills, attitudes, and attributes that would permit you to reach your goals in a cooler and easy going manner.

Moreover, it is a call and advice of our modern societies, for you, to intentionally build upon these characteristics and features and keeping them up in your course towards the achievement of your goals!

The point here is not only to acquire a set of skills that would drive you in your intended, next, level but doing so, in a way that would be more appropriate for you!

Why Is Difficult to Regain Your Momentum

For some people, seems, it is easy to gain a speed of doing and achieving things and maintain their momentum, during long and difficult times. But for the most of the people, it is really difficult. Why? Because there are times of:

  • Personal frustration, anxiety, and stress,
  • Shortage of control in internal or external situations influences your present status.
  • Lack of willpower, direction, vision, goal, focus, intention or time,
  • Abundance of activities, tasks, thing to do and lack a coherent method for achieving them,
  • Lack of prioritization in what really has to be done and what has to be omitted,
  • Psychological reasons, or reasons of you not correctly acknowledge your boundaries,
  • other reasons of personal significance prevent you from achieving your objectives, …

All these reasons, and at the time, perhaps many more, are serious reasons for not achieving your full potential in gaining your goals and proceed in a way that is more accustom to your personal preference, speed and “flavor”! And all these reasons, are exactly the reasons, most of the times, bring you in a momentum-less and powerless state during serious decision or activity performing situations.

And that is the problem because when you lose momentum you lose the intention of doing things, or at least the things you were doing in the way you were doing them.

How to Build Momentum

In order for you to build momentum, at first, you need a set of mental and personal attributes that usually are in shortage. You need to:

  • Know that in order to build momentum you need time, effort and concision activities
  • Consciously develop a life plan and the desire and commitment to follow it through and use it in your life
  • Start small. To start with baby-step towards intended directions and goal
  • Develop good habits and rituals that would help you build the will and direction toward the intended goals
  • Employ structured time and habits for reflection, reviewing and evaluation of your activities and tasks and amend when it is necessary
  • Focus on the important tasks and activities empowering you towards your goals and prune the unimportant or non-irrelevant ones

At times though, the control it is lost, and you need an extra and intended effort to return to the state you were before and regain your momentum, you have lost in your everyday activities.

How You Can Regain Your Momentum

There are many ways for regaining your momentum. Most of them are a matter of personal choice, others are a matter of “taste” and others simple everyday practices that would give you the extra time in order you recover from your “loses”. Their employment should always be, though, a matter of personal, intended, conscious, coherent and goals are driven way of thinking and doing!

Some of these, ways are:

  1. Keep up with your vision and goals
  2. Observe carefully your daily activities and habits. Change/amend if necessary
  3. Reflect on all the things, brought you to your present state, and replicate them, if possible
  4. Add more conscious based activities in your daily routines, and allocate appropriate time for their completion.
  5. Remember why you start doing something and why you want to continue doing it
  6. When in low will mood or in procrastinated state, do something of low importance (routine tasks, organization, etc), when in high empowerment state go ahead with the important things
  7. Allocate, always the time needed for carry out a task or activity. For your major projects or activities, set an appointment in your calendar
  8. Block out external distractions (physical or digital). Leave only the necessary for doing what it needs to be done
  9. Relax and empty your mind from everything might clutter your current vision or focus
  10. Get committed to what have to be done and meticulously pursue its accomplishment. After time this drill, going to be easier
  11. Cultivate only suitable to you and good habits, covering all the aspects of your, personal and professional, life

Question: It is easy for you or not to build upon your momentum and regaining it at will? What it takes for you to regain your momentum?