Data is a huge part of life, and that is as true of the business world as any other aspect of modern living, if not more so. Without access to various pieces of data, businesses would not be able to operate anywhere near as efficiently as they do now, but data is not without its drawbacks.

It can be difficult to manage, make sense of and keep safe which is why, if you deal with data in your business, there are a few tools you need to know about.


Snowplow is an excellent behavioral data tool that enables users to have more control over the data they collect and process. Data can be handled in real-time and collated from numerous sources, saving time and allowing businesses to streamline their processes so that no time is wasted and the usefulness of the data they collect is vastly increased. You should not be without it.

CCPA Verify Identity

When you store data about individuals and organizations, you have an absolute responsibility to keep that data safe, which means keeping it out of the wrong hands. CCPA verify identity is an important tool in this situation because it verifies the identity of individuals who request various pieces of data from you. Fail to use this and you could end up handing over data to someone who has no right to it, which could leave you in some serious legal trouble!

Big Data - Tools

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay


Looker is one of the best business intelligence platforms on the market when it comes to data. It enables you to take your data and create visually interesting reports from it. Often, raw data is hard to make sense of, but when it is cleaned up and put into visual form, it soon reveals its secrets and enables your business team to learn from its wisdom.

It really is that simple.


Segment is what’s known as a Customer Data Platform. It enables your company to collate data about all of the customers you deal with, and every touchpoint they encounter. You can create individual profiles for each customer, as well as audiences and customer activity histories. Oh, and this software ensures that everything is totally GDPR-compliant, which means your data will be kept safe as you learn everything you can about your customers, and use the software to improve customer relations.

Google BigQuery

If you have a lot of data you need to store and process, you will need a data warehouse that you can use to keep it all safe in one place. Google BigQuery is probably the best tool to help you manage your data warehouse and it not only stores and organizes your data, but also provides you with building tools to make modifications and reporting software to help you make sense of the data, amongst other things.

Although there are many more data tools that could help you to run your business more effectively, these are amongst the best, which is why you should look into them right now.