Do you think that the new business environment “cooked up” around the restrictions and limitations imposed by pandemic? This environment doesn’t seems to be a “touch-and-go” situation. IT seems that COVID-19 will leave its mark on every human interaction including the business, family, friend, etc. relationships.

Business in not an exception to that. Present trends has demonstrate the rise of freelancing, remote working, multiplication of systems, A.I. based operations, and long-scaled innovation and marketing activities. And in exactly this scenery it is time to define what we want and how to get it in the post-COVID era.

We need to focus on the human elements of business and to start materialize the Human Factor Equation (HFE) to all of our actions.

The Human Factor Equation

The HFE equation is nothing more than an urge to introduce human elements to all and every business activity let it be in a corporate environment or in a more freelancing environment,

If you need it in a math format you could expand this equation :

  • Technology + innovation / human impact = business success

to that one:

  • Technology + innovation + Marketing + Personal Principles + Core Values + Beliefs + Restrictions + Biases / human impact = personal and business success

The new HFE suit more to an environment you need to operate beyond your beliefs and limitations while you need to make an positive impact on all main areas of your life, including the family, the work, the friends, the financial means, the available assets, etc.

To this end you need a better framework of understanding, in order to gain the necessary clarity on who you are, what you want in life and how to get it!

The 3 Cs Framework

There are many approaches in the subject, but one of the most powerful and effective one framework to help you clarify your goals and actions is the 3C Framework.

It is something I use it a lot lately during the lockdown, trying to communicate effectively with my 3-years old daughters and trying to set boundaries on what they do and how.

The 3C Framework have been used a lot by consultants and coaches and from anyone want to pass along a clear and understandable message. It is part of the effective communication operation and involved anyone in a situation.

It demands that in order to get your message along (or if you like to define clearly what you want from your job, work, actions, etc.) you need to have 3 basic elements:

  • Clarity. You need to be clear on what you want from any given situation of a person and communicate it in a way that he/she or yourself understand it best. As clearer the better.
  • Consistency. You need to be consistent on what you want and how to achieve it, along many different situations and environments.
  • Conciseness. You need to be: ” short and clear, and expressing what needs to be said without unnecessary words” in order to gain what you want.

These 3 elements comprise the operation of what an effective goal settings operation or communication is. But the most important one for your goals is the clarity part!

What You Can Do?

The things you can do in order to achieve your objectives are the exact same things I have written in the past about how to gain clarity.

The things you should do today about injecting human elements to your operations, maximize your capabilities for achieving your objectives, communicate effectively, and gain clarity include:

  • clear and measurable goals and results,
  • familiarization with the specifics, problems, and/or requirements of the other party,
  • knowledge and focus towards the people you addressing to,
  • the desire to provide solutions and value to the people you cooperate or communicate
  • the realization of your intentions,
  • awareness of your limits and constraints along with your advantages,
  • a strategy of negotiating the specific details of the task/activity with the other involved parties, and, finally,
  • to know EXACTLY what you want from any situation and how to gain it (within your personal value and belief systems).

What do you think?