I had a terrible quarrel the other day with a friend insist that his team haven’t followed his lead! I ask him “How come?” and he replies that lately his associates “demonstratea more free-will tendency from the one he was able to allow to his stuff! I reply to him, why that was so bad and he told me that the member of his team, demonstrate too many initiatives for him to handle and that fact created a chaos at the proceedings of his team (or rather to himself).

The New Leadership

In any case, I argued a lot with my friend, pointing out, that his group was behaving in a very constructive and innovative way and, perhaps, he should consider how he should catch up with them! He thought that I blame him for his leadership style and that I was challenging his authority, but, actually, I was not!

We are living at a period of rapid changes and transformations, both at a personal and at a business level. Many things we knew, become obsolete and we try to keep up with the new trends in order to make not just a life, but a meaningful living as well! It is not an easy time for the most of the people. Some people have been prepared, some other people are preparing even at the moment we are speaking about it and a lot of people have never had to prepare because nothing so radical happens to their life! They will, eventually, but there is some time left for them to realize that our personal and business ecosystems changing and it is doubtful if ever become the ones used to be!

In such an environment, it is excellent to have a supportive group of people in your working environment, forming a versatile, innovative and idea-reached team you can use in many ways (like a LADRT is!). Exactly as a Swiss knife! The time of highly specialized and fully dedicated personnel, have passed (if ever existed, of course)

Our new working models require versatility, careful planning and constant monitoring for new opportunities, new negotiation and innovative leadership techniques, trust, personal attention and communities, disruptive trends and technologies, and an entirely new framework of thinking and doing, cannot be implemented by accident (or luck). It requires dedication, passion, and discipline both at a personal as well as a professional level! Strategy, logistics, marketing, and PR are not anymore a thing for CEOs but related to everyone operating in the current market.

We are moving from the large corporations to small-business entrepreneurship and even more to solopreneurship. The models of making money, interact and operate in our brand new social web have changed our former ways of doing things and propel us to new territories, previously unseen!

That the reason, many things have to change. Now, not soon. The new era is upon us and demands new ways of leadership both in your personal and professional life!

Question: Do you think, leadership should change? There is something that you can pinpoint as “the new leadership”? Write your thoughts, here!