Remote working is something that is fast becoming a popular career option. Being a freelance writer is no exception. It lets you work from anywhere in the world in your own time, something that not many other jobs can allow.

Top Tips for Starting Your Freelance Writing Career

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For people who have a lifelong dream of working for themselves, achieving this freelancing lifestyle is something that can be done if you know where to start.

At first, it may feel as though your career isn’t going anywhere, but after much time and perseverance, you could be sitting on a sandy beach with your laptop on your knee in the near future.

Decide What to Write About

The biggest mistake some freelance writers make is not choosing a niche. Without one, you can’t specialize in a certain type of writing, which can limit the kinds of clients you find.

There are two ways you can determine your niche: by deciding which topic you want to write on, or deciding what kind of content you can commit to.

For example, you might want to become a fashion blogger, or you could choose to write email marketing content for any kind of brand. You might choose to write to make a profit, but the recommended option is to write about something you love, as you will be spending a lot of time on your writing.

Work on Your Skills

There are hundreds of thousands of freelance writers in the world, which means you need to have the right skillset to set you apart from everyone else.

Being a Native English speaker is already a huge bonus, but you can take online tests to ensure your grammar is flawless.

If you are writing about a particular niche, it is also worth brushing up on your knowledge here, too. Doing so can help give you an edge over other applicants, as the client can trust you know what you are writing about.

Create A Portfolio

Whenever you apply for a freelancing gig, you should always have a portfolio or sample set of work to send to clients.

If a client can’t see your quality of work, they won’t be able to judge if you’re a good fit for them. Having a portfolio on hand also makes you look organized and efficient, which is something most clients favor.

To increase your chances of success, you should have your portfolio showcased on your website, but you should also have a copy saved as a document for email applications.

If your work is laid out clearly and in a fashionable way, clients can see that you are dedicated to writing at a high standard and have a true love for what you do.

Price Your Services

Many writers under-price their services when it comes to freelancing, especially when they are just starting out.

Although it is true that you must ask for lower payments when you are new, it is also true that you should increase this over time as your expertise starts to grow.

Different kinds of writing demands different pricing, so it’s worth figuring out how much you want to make in a year before setting your rates.

This is something you will get used to the more you do it, but you should never be afraid of asking for a higher rate unless it is clearly far too high.

Once you have determined your worth, you can start to see the money rolling in from high-paying clients.

Know Where to Look

You may have amazing writing skills and a polished portfolio, but this is nothing without having somewhere to look for work.

There are hundreds of sites dedicated to helping freelancers find their dream roles, but it is best to go above and beyond by checking out the smaller sites.

When you are just starting out, it is best to do gust posting to put your name out there, but it is also ideal for when you need the flexibility to fit around your current job before you become a freelancer full-time. Guest Post Tracker is full of some handy tips on where to find high paying guest blogging sites.

Boost Your Social Media Profiles

Sometimes, people find the best gigs through Facebook groups and LinkedIn advertisements. It means your social media profiles need a huge boost to accommodate your new freelancing status.

For example, your Instagram feed should be full of travel snaps if you are hoping to become a travel writer, and you should set up an alternative Twitter profile to talk about writing in.

In any case, if you set your profiles to private mode, it will ensure any old tweets are only seen by those who follow you, but it also helps to maintain a more professional image.

When you have had a professional, business-like profile picture added, you can begin your search for freelancing jobs.

Keep Your Current Job (For Now)

Many people make the mistake of quitting their day job as soon as they decide they want to become a freelance writer.

While this can work out for some people, if you don’t have a solid stream of income and low savings, this is not recommended.

Freelancing is not a steady income supply in the first few months, so it’s better to put lots of hard work in by keeping your current job before you can see yourself making a success of your new venture.

Get Testimonials

There are lots of ways in which you can move up in the world of freelance writing. Having trustworthy testimonials on your website can automatically increase your chances of finding new clients.

This is because your prospective clients will see just how much your writing can impact a business, but they will also be able to learn how communicative you are, how flexible you are, as well as your success stories.

Sometimes, it is better for them to hear it from old and current clients that it is to hear it from you. To get the best testimonials, keep up the hard work and ask the right questions at the end of your contract.