Are you a small business with big ambitions? Would you like to grow the size of your business next year while maintaining the same standards of customer service and efficiency of operations? It should be the goal of most small businesses to strike the balance between these aspects and grow the business in a controlled and progressive manner.

Virtual services can support these aspirations by streamlining your business and saving you money.

Save Money on Network Maintenance

Businesses operating into her digital world can save money and prove performance by investing in a digital solution for their network. In the past, networks were maintained by a team of expert staff. While effective for a time this model is now viewed as expensive and outdated. Today businesses are using Managed Service Providers more and more.

The maintenance of your network is highly important. Technology is prone to breaking down periodically and this needs to be mitigated to protect productivity and revenue. With an MSP your business can downsize its workforce and improve the performance level of the network all while saving substantial sums of money. This is achieved by investing in a good MSP.

Get Your Phones Answered Professionally

These days customers expect businesses to be available day and night, they also want to be able to speak to an advisor efficiently without having to jump through hoops, but this is not always possible for many small businesses with limited staff numbers. If their agents are not available they simply cannot answer calls or deal with customer enquiries. This is not only bad for a company’s reputation, it’s bad for its productivity and revenue as well.

There are solutions to this issue, and they may be more accessible than you think. A virtual receptionist is a platform that can get your phones answered professionally by outsourcing your customer service calls to professional agents around the world. These agents can take your customer calls at any time of the day and night improving your reputation and giving you more time to grow your business. A virtual receptionist uses real human beings who are professionally trained and operate in quality digital environments with low noise and zero distractions.

Handle a Large Number of Calls

If you’re running a small business and you’re interested in growth you will have to find ways to increase productivity without sacrificing the standard of service you provide. Growth is like this, you need to expand your operation, increase your capacity, and fulfil customer expectations. But how can you do this if you have limited staff but increasing volumes of calls to handle?

The answer is to increase your capacity by investing in a virtual call handling service. These services are widely available and easily accessible. You can partner with virtual call handling service and instantly increase your capacity and performance. These services use digital professionals located in digital environments worldwide. They offer high standards of service to your customers at any time of the day or night.

Downsize Your Salaried Staff

One of the excellent advantages of the digital world is the potential for downsizing and saving money on salaries. Companies can save by downsizing their network teams, their in-house call handling teams, and their online customer service agents. The money saved can be used to support revenue or it can be reinvested in the business. This doesn’t mean that people will necessarily lose their livelihood because of it, the world of work is simply changing and other opportunities that require transferable skills are arising.

One way companies can make savings online is via their website. Software known as Chambers has recently become very popular with online businesses allowing them to downsize their salaried workforce in favor of AI technology. Chatbots are very effective AI customer service agents that are also appreciated by customers who want an efficient experience without the hassle of contacting an agent by phone or email.

Improve Your Business Productivity

The business world has changed significantly in recent years thanks in part to new digital technologies that have revolutionized the way companies optimize their processes for efficiency. If you compare a business today to one ten or fifteen years ago you will notice some major differences. Businesses today have fewer salaried teams, their processes are more integrated and efficient, and customers have a higher level of service because their needs are being met with digital technology.

This digital technology is known as analytics and it has penetrated every sphere of life online. Analytics can segment customers, track online behavior, target and retarget them with appropriate advertising, as well as run businesses more effectively. If you’re a small business that isn’t taking advantage of analytic software there is good news and bad. The bad news is you’re seriously missing out, the good news is there is plenty of room for growth.