Many people these days are ready to drop out of the rat race and go into business for themselves. If you’re one of those who dream of becoming your own boss and taking on the challenge of being self-employed, some career options are better suited than others. Consider your career choices carefully.

Real Estate Agent

To work as a real estate agent, you will need to get a real estate license. Once you’ve got that, you can set up in business for yourself and start selling homes, land or commercial properties. Being an estate agent means you will work on commission, so your income will depend entirely on how successful you are at selling a property. With good success, you can earn a healthy income as an estate agent.


If you’d like to work as a filmmaker and are skilled at working with a camera, you can earn good money as a videographer. Advertise your services for weddings, graduations, and other events, and be your own boss. You’ll be able to work in a creative field, choosing the clients and projects which appeal to you most. You’ll need to be organized too, as all the marketing to attract clients will be down to you and you alone.


One of the most classic ways of becoming self-employed is by learning a trade and setting up in business on your own. Plumbing is a great option for this. Secure an apprenticeship to learn your trade, so you know your optical liquid level sensors from your vertical float switches. If you’re skilled, plumbing can be a very lucrative career for a self-employed worker.


You don’t need to have a teaching qualification to work as a tutor. If you like the idea of helping others with their studies, you can offer tutoring services in whatever area of study you know best, which you think others may struggle in. You could help different age groups, such as helping college students with Math or high schoolers with music lessons. If you speak a second language, you could advertise your services to help conversational speakers brush up their skills before a trip or to high school students preparing for speaking exams.


If you’re skilled in beauty, this can be one of the best ways to go self-employed. If you’re a hairstylist, esthetician or nail technician, you can set up your own business as a mobile beautician, or rent space within a spa or salon. Choose your own working hours for a lot of working freedom, and a fun, creative career.


In the early days of blogging, it was purely a fun hobby but in recent years it has become a legitimate option for a lucrative and successful business. The top bloggers can earn six-figure salaries, but even smaller bloggers can make good money.

There are some great options for passive income, from advertising to product sales. You can also earn from sponsored posts, and get products for review.