Starting a website has never been easier; Companies advertise low-cost hosting packages and simple DIY websites. If you want to build your own website there are literature and video tutorials out there to help you, or so you are lead to believe. While it may be true that you can create a simple blog website or company profile site using these do-it-yourself services there is no getting away from the fact that if you need a big or complex website, chances are, you will need a website developer to help you do this.

After all, do you know how to use SERP API and why you should? Can you use HTML or Java? If the answer is no and you want to build a visible, functional, and complex website then it is recommended you consult with a website developer.

Website developers typically fall into four categories, back-end developers, front-end developers, full-stack developers, and web designers. The needs of your website will depend on the type of developer you require.

Back-end developers are the programmers, the people who build and code your website behind the scenes, usually from the ground up. Typically, they build more complex applications and manage data and security, they can also spend a lot of time fixing bugs. If security is a concern of yours and your website will be collating a lot of data ensuring you have the best, and legally required, practices are vital.

Front-end developers work on the part of the website users will see i.e. the front. Front-end development requires coding a website to ensure it looks the way the designers intended. Typically, they use things such as HTML, CSS, and Java to achieve this. They are the link between design and technology. For example, they can ensure the website is consistent and responsive to all user systems, i.e. mobile or desktop, using sophisticated coding.

Full-stack developers work across different layers, or stacks, of a website. Essentially they can perform the role of both front and back-end developers. Some full-stack developers can also help maintain your website and can offer services that improve your website SEO visibility and functionality with the use of APIs and utilizing functions such as the aforementioned SERP API.

Website designers are used when creating the aesthetics of your website. They are skilled in creating compelling graphics and design elements. They make the website aesthetically pleasing and relevant to your audience and often work in conjunction with front-end developers who put their design into place.

Hosting and owning a website requires more skills than just building it. You need to maintain it and regularly update it. This is important as not only is it key for relevance and functionality it will help maintain its search engine discoverability, which is essential if you want anyone to actually visit your website.

So, when you might need a web developer or designer?

  • If you are looking to build a large, complex, and professional website from the ground up.
  • You have complex security needs.
  • Where pre-existing website templates don’t meet your needs and you need more bespoke services that require coding.
  • Where you need data management for things such as e-commerce or content development.
  • Where you have enhanced e-commerce needs.
  • If you have server or hosting issues that need fixing.
  • Identifying and rectifying maleware issues.
  • You are looking to create an app.
  • You need to improve user experience, such as site speed, purchasing platforms.
  • You require a new or improved design that better reflects your business or website purpose.